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Why Do We Describe Asian Eyes As 'Almond-Shaped'?

TV personality Julie Chen's recent revelation about getting plastic surgery to make her eyes look "less Chinese" has renewed a long-running discussion about how to describe an Asian person's eyes.

Former U.N. Inspector: Syria Plan 'Optimistic,' Requires Troops

The U.S.-Russia plan to rid Syria of chemical weapons by next summer faces many hurdles and includes "unrealistic" deadlines, says former U.N. weapons inspector David Kay, who previously has worked on efforts to find chemical weapons in Iraq.
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Navy Yard Shooting: Update From The Scene

Gunmen have reportedly shot multiple people at the Navy Yard in Southeast D.C. A WAMU reporter joins Kojo to update the situation.


Weapons Inspector Points Out Challenges Facing Deal On Syria

Steve Inskeep talks to David Kay, former chief U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq about the Russia-U.S. brokered plan to destroy Syria's chemical weapons.

Signing On: New Host Takes Weekend Microphone

Jacki Lyden signs off after interim-hosting All Things Considered for several months to welcome Arun Rath as the new host, broadcasting both weekend days from NPR's studios in Culver City, Calif.

Who's Really Left Out Of The CrossFit Circle

A controversial article posted to the CrossFit Facebook page has led to a larger discussion about race. The majority of participants in the grueling and popular workout genre are white. Just how many people of color participate, though, is tough to say.

Syria Deal Puts Russian, And Its Influence, In Spotlight

The deal to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons program brings together two unlikely leaders, President Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Host Rachel Martin speaks to Russian journalist and Middle East specialist Konstantin von Eggert about Russia's position with and influence on Syria.

Police Wound Two Bystanders In Shooting Near Times Square

Caught in the line of fire by police officers, two women were shot near crowded Times Square in Manhattan last night. They were wounded as police struggled to deal with a man who was behaving erratically. The man had "simulated" firing a gun at police; he was not found to have a weapon.

Assad Regime Hails Chemical Weapons Deal As 'Victory' For Syria

Syria's rebels are criticizing a plan to destroy the country's chemical weapons, saying it doesn't punish President Bashar Assad. The Syrian regime's first public reaction to the U.S.-Russia deal came Sunday, when a minister called it a "victory."

Chemical Weapons Deal Loaded With Baggage

The U.S.-Russia deal to destroy Syrian chemical weapons is being called one of the most challenging in the history of arms control. Host Rachel Martin speaks to Dmitri Trenin, the director of the Carnegie Center in Moscow, about Russia's position and influence on Syria.