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How Neighborhood Development Affects Our Sense Of Community

With the help of researchers who have looked closely at how cities evolve at the neighborhood level, we consider neighborhood development in a new light, asking what neighborhood dynamics make for strong communities and exploring how they can be attained.


Does Probation For Profit Criminalize Poverty?

Hundreds of thousands of people are put on probation every year. Now, a study by Human Rights Watch finds private probation contractors are racking up profits and effectively criminalizing poverty. Host Michel Martin discusses the issue with HRW's Chris Albin-Lackey and Rhonda Cook of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

'Blazing Saddles,' The Best Interracial Buddy Comedy, Turns 40

Mel Brooks' Western spoof set the gold standard for the interracial buddy comedy. Four decades later, the movie is just as funny — and offensive — as ever.

Syrian Activists Say Al-Qaida Stole Their Revolution

In the last three years, rebels fighting President Bashar Assad have taken control of swaths of northern Syria. In some areas, local councils were set up. Activists hoped for a freer future. But renegade jihadists, linked to al-Qaida, have stormed into these "liberated areas" and attacked activists who launched the uprising against Assad's regime.

Civil War Puts Syria's Cultural Heritage In Peril

In addition to the lives lost in Syria as its conflict rages on, the country's cultural heritage is also being lost. Art and artifacts have been looted, important archeological sites and museums damaged. Renee Montagne talks to UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Culture Francesco Bandarin about the destruction of Syria's cultural heritage and what's being done to protect it.

Coke Ad Sparks Cries On Social Media To 'Speak English'

A Coca-Cola commercial attracted social media backlash following last Sunday's Super Bowl. It featured a multi-lingual version of "America The-Beautiful." A longer version of the commercial will air during NBC's Olympic opening ceremonies coverage. Our Code Switch Team looks at what that commercial and the conversation it triggered say about us, and what it tells us about advertisers.

Last Known Native Speaker Of Klallam Dies

The last known native speaker of the Klallam language has died in Port Angeles, Washington. Klallam is the language of three U.S. tribes as well as one in British Columbia. Hazel M. Sampson was 103.

U.S. Still Working For Syria Resolution, Envoy To U.N. Says

Samantha Power tells NPR the U.S. is enlisting the help of Russia in particular to secure humanitarian access to civilians trapped in the fighting.

Family Feud Renews Over MLK's Prized Possessions

The children of Martin Luther King Jr. are embroiled in yet another legal battle — this time, over control of the late civil rights leader's Bible and Nobel Peace Prize.

'Vanity Fair' Adds Color To Hollywood's Golden Moment

Vanity Fair has caught flak in the past for not including actors of color on the cover of its annual Hollywood Issue. This year, six of the 12 actors featured are black. Industry observers say the cover is a tacit acknowledgment of the way the entertainment industry is changing.