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John Feinstein: Baseball's Minor Leagues

Sports writer and author John Feinstein explores the long bus rides, low pay and inner struggles of minor league baseball players striving to make the leap to the majors.


Brother Fights Death Penalty Charges In Marathon Bombing Case

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is fighting charges that could carry the death penalty. His defense, in part, points the finger at his deceased older brother as the mastermind. A trial is still months away.

Despite Havoc, Syrian War Sparks Hope Among Kurdish Minority

With Syria in chaos, minority Kurds there hope they can realize long-standing ambitions for autonomy. Kurds who fled to northern Iraq from Syria will press those demands when they finally go home.

Gatekeeper To Saudi King Abdullah Takes To Twitter

Saudi Arabia's chief of the royal court has tweeted for the first time since activating his account in 2012. Kelly McEvers talks to Ahmed Al Omran, who covers Saudi Arabia for The Wall Street Journal.

'Pay Secrecy' Policies At Work: Often Illegal, And Misunderstood

President Obama has signed an order that reinforces part of a law that's existed for nearly 80 years: Employees can discuss compensation without fear of retaliation. Here's what you should know.

Drug Courts Help Addicts Recover — But May Cost Them Their Rights

Drug courts were established 25 years ago, transforming the legal response to drug addicts. NPR's Rachel Martin talks to West Huddleston, CEO of an association of drug court professionals.

U.S. Agency Backs Down In Standoff With Cattle Rancher

A Nevada rancher whose cattle were seized over his refusal to pay grazing fees for the use of federally protected land seems to have won at least a reprieve in his fight against the government.

Pakistani Court Tosses Out Attempted Murder Charge Against Baby

Weeks after he was fingerprinted and appeared in court, baby Musa is no longer living under the shadow of an attempted murder charge. The boy was reportedly 9 months old when he was charged.

Iran's Culture Wars: Who's Winning These Days?

Men and women ski on the same slopes. A rock band performs in the capital. It's all part of the constant tug-of-war between religious conservatives and those seeking more social freedoms.

Mavis Staples Sings The Soundtrack Of Civil Rights

Last week's civil rights summit in Texas had a musical through-line: the voice of Mavis Staples. The R&B artist's body of work underscored the '50s and '60s civil rights movement.