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Hopes Dim For Turkish Miners, But Rescuers Carry On

Hope is fading that any more mine workers will be rescued from a mine in western Turkey, where over 280 miners died after an explosion. NPR's Leila Fadel has been at the mine and offers more details.

A Farewell To Foremother Of TV Journalism: Barbara Walter Retires

Barbara Walters retires from daily television work on the May 15 edition of The View. Walters may be the real parent of today's TV journalists, who often meld the worlds of entertainment and news.

At A New Orleans High School, Marching Band Is A Lifeline For Kids

Reporter Keith O'Brien spent a year following the Edna Karr High School marching band. Being a member is more than just a way to be popular; the band offers students a pathway to college.

U.S. Border Patrol's Response To Violence In Question

If an agent kills a Mexican across the border, what happens? Some argue not enough. It's hard to sue in these cases, and reports show the Border Patrol is rarely holding its own people accountable.

Slow Rape Kit Results Leave Victims Few Effective Places To Turn

A new study concludes the medical and justice system can do more to help rape survivors access medical care. Funding cuts often limit access to exams and keep test results from leading to prosecution.

In Wake Of Turkey Coal Mine Explosion, Anger Turns On Prime Minister

A day after an explosion at a coal mine killed at least 245 miners in Soma, Turkey, family members are gathering in protest. Sebnem Arsu of The New York Times offers more details from Soma.

To Make It Stateside, Gaza Strip Exports Must Pass Israeli Obstacles

Gaza farmers broke new ground in 2013, selling fresh herbs in U.S. supermarkets. But despite cheap labor and excellent soil, the hurdles to creating an export-driven economy are enormous.

Home Of Sanctuary Movement Revives Strategy To Stop Deportation

In Tucson, Ariz., a man set to be deported has taken sanctuary in a church. Immigrant rights activists are hailing the move as a new way to fight the Obama administration's deportation policies.

Reading The Tea Leaves Of The Upcoming TV Season

This week, the television networks announced their new season lineups. NPR's TV critic, Eric Deggans, talks with host Audie Cornish about some of the new shows and the trends that they reveal.
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