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U.S. Government Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriage In Utah

The federal government announces that it will recognize same-sex marriages performed in Utah, despite state officials saying that they won't recognize them — at least for now. The same-sex marriages are under review in the federal court.

Chris Christie's Apology Enough To End 'Bridgegate'?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie says he's "embarrassed and humiliated" by a traffic jam scandal involving his office. But is it enough to stall a 2016 presidential bid? Host Michel Martin hears from the barbershop guys on that and other news of the week.

Turkish Scandal Shines Light On 'Shadowy' Muslim Leader

A corruption scandal in Turkey is focusing attention on a feud between the country's ruling party and its former ally the Gulen Movement. Fetullah Gulen is a moderate Islamic cleric living in the U.S., whose followers run private schools and think tanks around the world. The fight among Turkey's religious elite is sparking new interest in the man said to be behind an unofficial but very powerful Muslim network.

Abortion Doctor Killer Appeals To Kansas High Court

In 2009, Dr. George Tiller, one of the few doctors in the country who performed "late abortions," was killed at his church in Wichita. His killer, Scott Roeder, was convicted of first degree murder and is serving a life term. Now, his attorneys are appealing the case at the Kansas Supreme Court.

In Maryville, The Case Stays Closed

On Thursday, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced that she will not file sexual assault charges in a 2013 rape case in Maryville, Mo. Baker had been appointed special prosecutor to re-examine the case in response to the public outcry — sparked by a Kansas City Star report — that it was originally mishandled.

Congress Rings In The New Year With Another Budget Deadline

In mid-January, the funding bill that ended the October government shutdown will expire, and congressional budget-writers are still not ready to unveil the trillion-dollar "omnibus" bill to keep the lights on. If the House and Senate cannot come to an agreement soon, lawmakers might have to resort to yet another temporary measure.

States May Recognize Same-Sex Marriages, But Navajo Nation Won't

Some Navajo activists want to overturn a tribal law banning same-sex marriages. They say the law contradicts Navajo values because it disrupts harmony. Host Michel Martin talks with people on both sides of the debate: Deswood Tome of the Navajo Nation Council and Alray Nelson of the Coalition for Navajo Equality.

As Rebels Fight Rebels, Grim Reports From A Syrian City

Syria's civil war keeps getting more complicated. In the latest twist, fractious rebel groups have united to fight extremists linked to al-Qaida. Both sides oppose the Syrian government, but for now they are pointing their guns at each other and a nasty battle is taking place in the northern city of Raqqa.
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Equal Punishment? Reforming School Discipline

Kojo looks at how new federal guidelines on school discipline could impact classrooms and school security.


What Happens When A Language's Last Monolingual Speaker Dies?

Emily Johnson Dickerson, the last person who spoke only Chickasaw, died last week at age 93. There were thousands of fluent Chickasaw speakers as late as the 1960s. Dickerson was among about 65 remaining.