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Bluff The Listener

Our panelists tell three stories about someone other than Facebook celebrating a 10th anniversary this week, only one of which is true.

Panel Round Two

More questions for the panel: E-vil, Dolled Up, and Love Actually.


Carl reads three news-related limericks: Royal Cuisine, Carp-enter, and Hambetter.

Lightning Fill In The Blank

All the news we couldn't fit anywhere else.


Our panelists celebrate the 10th anniversary of Facebook by predicting what we'll be wasting our time on 10 years from today.

Trenton's Mayor Mack Found Guilty Of Bribery, Fraud Charges

A federal jury has found Mayor Tony F. Mack of Trenton, N.J., guilty of six charges ranging from extortion and bribery to fraud. Mack's brother was also convicted of some charges in the case, which involved plans for a parking garage.
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Upscaling Comfort Food

Mac 'n cheese and truffle oil. Pop tarts made from scratch. Many local chefs and restaurants are updating favorites of yesteryear with high end ingredients, new techniques and upscale prices. We examine the power of nostalgia and food, and the flavors that recall our favorite home-cooked meals.


Iran's President Rouhani Gets The Benefit Of The Doubt, For Now

Iran is preparing for a national holiday celebrating the Islamic Revolution 35 years ago, and NPR's Peter Kenyon is among the few foreign journalists in Tehran for the event. He's found that the optimism that greeted President Hassan Rouhani's election last year has moderated — but not vanished.

Obama Tries Going It Alone — And Moves Onto Murky Legal Ground

President Obama's strategy of governing by executive order is designed to deal with a recalcitrant Congress. But Republican lawmakers are signaling that they'll challenge the White House there too by demanding the legal analysis to support the president's actions.

Pakistan And Taliban Come To The Negotiating Table

Pakistan's government and the Pakistani Taliban are holding a first round of peace talks in Islamabad. Expectations are low for any substantial progress toward ending what has been a particularly bloody insurgency. Some analysts believe that the Pakistani military will soon launch a major offensive against the militants in their strongholds along the border with Afghanistan.