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Men Who Vandalized Egyptian Pyramid To Prove Theory Face Charges

Two German men filmed themselves scraping off samples of the Great Pyramid in hopes of proving their theory that it was built 20,000 years ago by people from the legendary city of Atlantis.

New York Backs Off Controversial Punishment For Juveniles

In response to a lawsuit, New York has offered to limit its use of solitary confinement, including prohibiting its use for prisoners under 18. This may be a potential watershed in prison policy.

With Egyptian Press On Trial, Space For Dissent Is In Question

Thursday marks the opening day of a Cairo trial for Al-Jazeera journalists, who have been jailed on terrorism charges. The case is a sign of the dangerous conditions for the press in Egypt.

In Syria, Neighboring Militant Group Shifts Weight To Step In

With Syria peace talks in paralysis, Lebanon's Hezbollah is primed for a long continuation of this horrific war. The group, founded on resisting Israeli occupation, is now embracing the war next door.
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The Politics Hour - Feb. 21, 2014

Arlington County Board Chairman Jay Fisette (D) and John McCarthy, Maryland States Attorney for Montgomery County, join Kojo and Tom Sherwood in the studio.


VIDEO: Pussy Riot Defies Ban On Sochi Protests, Skewers Putin

The punk protesters have released a new song — "Putin Will Teach You How to Love the Motherland" — and the video they made while at the site of the Winter Olympics.

3 Al-Jazeera Journalists In Egypt Plead Not Guilty To Terrorist Links

Australian Peter Greste, Mohamed Fahmy and Baher Mohammed, have been held in Cairo since their arrest in December. They've been accused of aiding the Muslim Brotherhood.

Journalists On Trial In Egypt On Terrorism-Related Charges

Journalists from Al Jazeera face the opening day of their trial on aiding a terrorist organization. The charges were apparently prompted by efforts to interview members of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Faculty Not On Tenure Track Rises Steadily Over Past 4 Decades

A faculty strike cancels classes at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The issue: pay for professors who aren't tenured. Renee Montagne talks to Peter Schmidt of The Chronicle of Higher Education.

The Last Word In Business

Renee Montagne and Steve Inskeep have the Last Word in business.