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Court OKs Universities' Quest To Turn To More Digital Copies Of Books

An appeals court has ruled against a group of authors, deciding in favor of a consortium of universities in a case that hinged on copyright law and provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Key Iraqi City Falls To Islamist Militants

Extremists have taken over most of the Iraqi city of Mosul, a key commercial hub. Hundreds of thousands are fleeing as the group, known as ISIS, is capturing weapons caches and government buildings.

Honored Puerto Rican Army Unit Made A Name For Itself In Korean War

The Army's 65th Infantry Regiment was a segregated military unit, begun in 1899 and composed of Puerto Ricans. President Barack Obama is signing a bill to honor the unit with one of the highest civilian honors, the Congressional Gold Medal.

Supreme Court: Immigrant Children Lose Place In Line At Age 21

The Justices ruled that young people who turn 21 while waiting for visas must start the process over from scratch. Michel Martin learns more from Muzaffar Chishti, of the Migration Policy Institute.

Supreme Court Rules Against Homeowners In Superfund Case

The justices made it harder for residents in a handful of states to sue companies for contamination that wasn't discovered until long after it took place.

Supreme Court: At 21, Some Children Must Start Visa Process Over

In an unusual majority, the Supreme Court's liberal and conservative justices have decided that immigrant children who turn 21 while their parents' immigration application is pending must start over.

Detroit's Big Three Toss $26 Million Into Pot For 'Grand Bargain'

Detroit's big three automakers announced they'll pitch in to help the "Grand Bargain" — an effort to protect city workers' pensions. But the deal could unravel if the city's retirees reject the deal.

With Airport Attack, Pakistani Taliban Shows Off Its Reach

The Pakistani Taliban aren't nearly as well known as the Afghan Taliban. But they've carried out many major attacks, such as the shooting of Malala Yousafzai, and have further destabilized Pakistan.
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The Science of Hunger

Kojo explores the latest research on the science of hunger.


What Is Your Race? For Millions Of Americans, A Shifting Answer

There's been a lot of talk about the millions of Latinos who changed their racial identification during the last census. But researchers said Latinos were not the only ones switching and it's not new.