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WAMU Ambassadors welcome guests at a Kojo In Your Community event in Montgomery Co., Md.
WAMU Ambassadors welcome guests at a Kojo In Your Community event in Montgomery Co., Md.

Ambassadors help increase awareness of WAMU 88.5 with their presence at community events. Their involvement sends out a message that WAMU 88.5 is worth supporting. They provide information about the station at events sponsored by WAMU 88.5. These events take place at galleries, festivals, theaters, concerts, and other great places throughout the Washington metro area.

What is a WAMU Ambassador?

A WAMU Ambassador is knowledgeable of the inner workings of WAMU 88.5 and agrees with the station’s WAMU’s mission statement.

A WAMU Ambassador is passionate about WAMU 88.5 programming and is able to offer information about the station’s shows.

A WAMU Ambassador is energetic and willing to help build awareness of how listeners can support the station through donations and or volunteering.

A WAMU Ambassador is available to attend events and work as a steward.


The WAMU Ambassador program requires that all volunteers in this program commit to serving at a minimum of four events per year. Evening and weekend availability is required.


Prospective volunteers are required to attend a basic training and orientation session.

In the training and orientation session, prospective volunteers will learn about the history and mission of WAMU 88.5 and its volunteer program. In addition, prospective volunteers will learn about the policies and procedures of WAMU 88.5 and the volunteer program, the current programming line-up, community outreach, and membership information.

Once a volunteer has successfully completed the basic training session, they will begin ongoing ambassador training. Ongoing training is provided by the volunteer coordinator and includes position specific training.


All volunteers must be at least 21 years of age.


Volunteers are selected by way of an interview process.

CURRENT OPENINGS: None at this time. However, applications are accepted year round.


There are three ways for you to apply:

1. Complete the online application and click on the Submit button.

2. Print the application form (requires Acrobat Reader) and mail it to:
WAMU 88.5

Attn: Volunteer Services
4400 Massachusetts Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20016-8082

3.  Call the Volunteer Services Office at 202.885.1254 or e-mail volunteers@wamu.org to have an application mailed to you.

Once we receive your completed application, the volunteer coordinator will contact you to schedule an interview. Previous experience with public speaking or working events is helpful.


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