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What Advice Would You Give A First-Generation College Student?

Just 1 in 4 low-income college students, many of them the first in their families trying to get their degree, don't make it to graduation day. What advice might help change their outcomes? We want to hear about your experiences in college.

Quoteable: Thoughts On The Washington Football Team's Name

The Public Insight Network asked people nationwide about the name "Redskins." Hundreds responded, and here are some of their thoughts.

Should Washington's Football Team Change Its Name?

Have a strong opinion about the name of Washington's National Football League team? WAMU 88.5 wants to hear from you.

Undecided D.C. Voters, We Want To Hear From You!

WAMU 88.5 is looking for D.C. voters who have not yet decided who they'll vote for in the upcoming mayoral election.

Share your stories about the Chesapeake Bay

WAMU is looking for interesting stories of people and places around Chesapeake Bay. If you have an interesting story, let us know.

Share your experience with Silver Spring

We're looking to highlight the community's unique history and share stories of people who play a significant role in Silver Spring's residential and business communities. 

Beyond Gay Marriage: What's The Biggest Issue Facing LGBT Community?

As a member of the LGBT community, what is the most important issue to you? Public Insight Network journalists are starting a series to look at LGBT issues that need to be addressed … beyond gay marriage. What's a story that hasn't been told? More importantly, what's a story that's happened to you?

How has the rollout of the Affordable Care Act affected you?

WAMU 88.5 FM is covering the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. We'd like to hear from people who have been affected by the roll out of the new health insurance exchanges or have lost their current insurance coverage during this transition. If you have tried to use a health insurance exchange or have received notice that you will no longer continue with your current insurance plan, please fill out this brief form to share your experience. You can also email us at

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