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Your Facebook friends may be bots and your Twitter followers could be fake. The Computer Guys and Gal are here to help you figure out what's real and what's not in the world of technology. They'll also explore why tablet sales are up and PC shipments are down, and why a year of abstinence from the Internet didn't change much in one writer's life.

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Microsoft Research's Illumiroom, a project that uses a projector and a Kinect to make the wall and objects surrounding the TV into an extended display.

Allison Druin: 2013 Tech Gifts For Grads & Latest Gadget Trends

  1. The Swiss Army Knife of mobile Charging

  2. No need for your graduate to be home sick when going off to college, now there's Facebook Home

  3. Got money to burn? Send your grad to school with a new Nook tablet

  4. Get ready for dorm life with a JBL Charge Speaker

  5. When you want to sing in the shower, use the Moxie Bluetooth Shower Head

  6. New Twitter music app will use what's trending to recommend music

  7. New mobile options that will soon be springing into the Pentagon

  8. Ever have a problem with projecting something with limited wall space?

  9. New Research: Computers that can identify you by your thoughts

  10. Safe texting while walking? There could be an app for that

John Gilroy: Headline-Making Technology

  1. Do you want to wear computer equipment? 60 percent say yes

  2. The good news: Kojo has eight friends on Facebook. The bad news: They're all bots

  3. How to dial up fake Twitter followers

  4. Fake Twitter follower detector

  5. 40 percent of Americans own a tablet

  6. Five ways to know if your Android is infected with Malware

  7. When double-digit declines in growth gets respect

  8. White House AP scam forces Twitter to do the “two step”

  9. Social media as home wrecker?

Bill Harlow: What's Coming Up In Tech News

  1. Microsoft's new Xbox will be unveiled May 21

  2. Greenheart Games offers an object lesson for software pirates

  3. Paul Miller's year without Internet

  4. DroneShield, a low cost drone detector?

  5. Intel's next generation CPUs with Iris graphics and why it matters for everyone


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