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The Dinner Party Download

6:00 pm
This week: Portlandia duo Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen open up about hot-tubs, underwear, and weddings. Music multi-hyphenate Pharrell Williams explains his 'exotic rainbow' of 'Happy'ness. Danish electro-pop phenom Mø spins us a party playlist. Author Cari Lynn tells the tale of a NoLa birthday party of ill-repute. How the grandest experiment in scientific history speaks to our common humanity. Brendan tests out a musical instrument kids'll really, really want to practice, and we pour one out for Broadway's biggest flop.


For Hollywood, 'Selma' Is A New Kind Of Civil Rights Story

The film, about a 1965 voting rights march, stands out for its focus on black characters, including some of the movement's lesser-known organizers, and the way it humanizes Martin Luther King Jr.

Nutmeg Spice Has A Secret Story That Isn't So Nice

Nutmeg is a feel-good holiday spice. But it once caused serious bloodshed and may have even been a reason the Dutch were willing to part with Manhattan in the 1600s.
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Special Prosecutors Should Handle Civilian Shootings By Police, Holmes Norton Says

Norton says mayors and governors could stem anger over civilian shootings by police by appointing special prosecutors to handle them.

Facebook Finds That Not All Users Like The 'Year In Review' App

The social media giant's "Year in Review" app has upset some who prefer to forget 2014's unpleasant memories.