Rebroadcast: Interview With Author Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal, the talented novelist, playwright, historian and all around iconoclast, died yesterday at the age of 86. He will be greatly missed.

Tonight, in his honor, WAMU will air an interview from September 2000, in which Gore Vidal and Kojo Nnamdi discussed everything from his infamous fights with other authors to why he wants to be buried in Washington's Rock Creek Park Cemetery.

For those not familiar with his provocative temperament, observe this infamous "war of words" between Gore Vidal and Normal Mailer:


Hey, Kids, Remember You're On Our Side: The FBI Makes A Movie

Instead of a public service announcement, the FBI has made Game of Pawns, a docudrama about a college student recruited by the Chinese government. The message is obvious: Don't be a spy.

Soup to Nuts, Restaurants Smoke It All

While you won't find cigarettes in restaurants anymore, some smoking isn't banned. It's not just meat, either; it's hot to smoke just about anything edible.

In Asian-Majority District, House Race Divides Calif. Voters

The U.S. mainland's only Asian-majority congressional district sits in California's Silicon Valley, where two Indian-American candidates are trying to oust Japanese-American Congressman Mike Honda.

Who Should Pay To Keep The Internet's Locks Secure?

Fortune 1000 companies rely on the open source software OpenSSL for their core business. Two-thirds of websites use it. But no one pays for it and it's never had a complete security audit.