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Obama Campaign Offers To Bus Election Volunteers From N.Y.

For those who, thanks to Sandy, are lacking the basic necessities and the patience to wait for it, the Obama campaign is offering to bus election volunteers from storm-affected areas around New York and the Washington, D.C., area to the battleground state of Ohio over the weekend.

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Mark Bailey, who detailed old Hollywood's legendary love affair with liquor in his book Of All the Gin Joints, shares stories from a bygone era over cocktails at a legendary Hollywood bar.

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Researchers at the University of Oxford have discovered a link between what you taste and what you hear.

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The secretive regime denies any involvement with the Sony Pictures hack and says the U.S. must allow it to help find the real culprit. Or else.

Hollywood Pros Fear A Chilling Effect After Sony Bows To Hackers

Some in the entertainment industry are wondering if they'll have to be careful now about the stories they tell or the jokes they make in the wake of Sony's withdrawal of The Interview.

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