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And now our weekly trip around the region. On today's Door To Door we visit Leesburg, Va., and Greenbriar, Va.


My name is Vince Krevinas. I'm 64 years old. I live in Greenbriar community, just west of Fairfax City. I've been here a resident for 21 years. I just took over the presidency of our civic association. The tract of land that's west of Fairfax City was called the Carter Patent, which is about over 7,000 acres. And carved out of those 7,000 acres, back in 1967, was Greenbriar. Some people my have heard of Levitt & Sons. They have planned communities in other parts of the country. And they bought land that was totally undeveloped, nothing here, and built a community. It was so rural at the time there was even a Save The Barns campaign. We were on a dairy farm. And where the barns were became Greenbriar Shopping Center.


We now have about a little over 1900 homes, with approximately 5,000 residences. Everybody looks out for each other. That's the reputation Greenbriar has. It's a very tangible, strong, family-style atmosphere that you never get tired of.


My name is Alana Blumenthal. I'm 26 years old. And I live in Leesburg, Va. Leesburg, Va. is located in Loudon County in northern Virginia. It's about an hour west of Washington, D.C. Leesburg, Va. was founded in 1758 to be the county seat for the newly formed Loudon County, which had been split off from Fairfax in 1757. Pretty much immediately people started moving here, building homes. One of the most interesting features that we have downtown is the log cabin, which is a 1760s silversmith cabin that is still preserved.


Leesburg on a Saturday morning is a great place to be. If the weather's nice, you'll see a lot of people milling around downtown, exploring the antique shops. There's a great variety of restaurants. So people are just walking around on the brick sidewalks and enjoying what the town has to offer. It's just a nice kind of homey feel. There's always something to do in Leesburg.


Any business that's in the downtown original plat of Leesburg probably has a ghost story or two for you. Most of the ghosts in this area, I would say, are related to the Civil War. There are stories about lanterns being able to be seen at Ball's Bluff, at the battlefield where that took place, and a number of people from both the Union and the Confederate Armies were killed. So that's probably the main source of ghosts in Leesburg that we hear about.


We heard from Alana Blumenthal, in Leesburg, and Vince Krevinas, in Greenbriar. If you would like us to knock on your door so you can talk about your neighborhood, send an email to You can also send us a tweet. Our handle is @wamumetro. And you can find a map of all the doors we've knocked on so far on our website,
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