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Ravens Fever Builds In Baltimore

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Baltimore resident Erin Hata says the Ravens going to the Super Bowl is the "sweetest dream ever."
Baltimore resident Erin Hata says the Ravens going to the Super Bowl is the "sweetest dream ever."

Super Bowl Sunday is right around the corner, and while Redskins fans may have little to cheer about at the moment... for our Baltimore listeners, it's a different story altogether. The Ravens is in New Orleans, and will be playing in the Super Bowl.

But just as Ravens fans are clinging to the possibility of a victory this weekend, it also looks like they'll have to let go of one the all-time NFL greats: linebacker Ray Lewis, who's retiring after Sunday's big game.

Lewis's send-off to New Orleans was complicated after allegations this week that he used performance-enhancing drugs — an allegation he vehemently denies.

Metro Connection's Jonathan Wilson caught up with some diehard fans grabbing souvenirs at the ActionSports tents that have popped up in the Baltimore suburbs. Listen to the audio postcard here, and check out the gallery below.

[Music: Ravens: "The Thunderer" by The Jack Livingston Marching Band]

Photos: Ravens Fans


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