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Door To Door: Waterford, Va. And Cameron Station, Va.


And now our weekly trip around the region. On today's Door To Door, we visit Waterford, Va. and the Cameron Station neighborhood of Alexandria, Va.


My name is Dak Hardwick and I live in a neighborhood called Cameron Station in Alexandria, Va. Cameron Station is located on the west end of Alexandria, between Quaker Lane and 395. And, actually, it used to be an old Army base. And that's how most people are familiar with my neighborhood. The number of homes in Cameron Station is 1749 homes, with between 5000 and 6000 people in a 77-acre area. And I like to joke with people that my neighborhood, which is only 77 acres, is actually larger than four Virginia counties, in terms of population.


Our neighborhood is bordered by the largest open space in the city of Alexandria. We have a very large park. In fact, we're bordered by two very large parks on both ends of the neighborhood that the city takes care of very well, is well used and just attracts a lot of families and a lot of activity. The area around my particular neighborhood is developing. We've seen developers take interest in bringing in new grocery stores, new shopping areas and that's one of the challenges, just like any other neighborhood in the Washington, D.C. metro area. Where do you balance new development with existing development? This is a great neighborhood and I'm not going anywhere.


My name is Ed Good. I'm 67 years old. I live in the little village of Waterford, which is approximately 47 miles west of Washington, and have lived there since 1993. Waterford consists of about 100 households, approximately 200 to 250 residents. And the village was settled in 1733 by Quakers who came south from Pennsylvania.


During the Civil War, the village of Waterford voted not to secede from the Union. And they sided with the Union, against the Confederacy, which was difficult because they were and are in the state of Virginia. In the 1970s, Waterford was declared a national historic landmark by the Department of Interior. And one of the few towns in America where the entire town sits within a national historic landmark.


My favorite part about living in Waterford is that when I go home in the evening and head back toward the village, it really is like driving backward in time.


We heard from Ed Good in Waterford and Dak Hardwick in Cameron Station. Your neighborhood can be part of Door To Door, too. Just send an email to or visit us on Facebook, that's And to see a map of all the doors we've knocked on so far, visit our website,
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