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This Week On Metro Connection: Taking Risks


Welcome to "Metro Connection," I'm Rebecca Sheir. And today, we're going to plunge into the unknown, take a leap of faith, live on the edge, if you will. In other words, this week's show is all about taking risks. Now, scientists say some people just seem hardwired to take more risks than others. And we'll meet a few people like that in just a bit. They're betting big bucks on the premise that gourmet popcorn could be the next snack craved in the nation's capital.


But we'll also talk with people who have had risky situations thrust upon them, like the residents living near a Baltimore dump that was recently declared a superfund site. We'll also go back in time to post civil war D.C. when some parts of the city were so dangerous, they had names like Bloodfield, Hells Bottom and Murder Bay, no joke.
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