This Week On Metro Connection: Traditions


Welcome to "Metro Connection," I'm Rebecca Sheir. The holiday season is, of course, full of all sorts of traditions, some secret and spiritual, others of a more secular and/or shop 'til you drop nature. Well, on this week's show, we're exploring all sorts of traditions with a focus on some specifically Washingtonian rituals. We'll visit a park site sacred to Native Americans with deep origins in the region and talk with a local woman who's hoping to give the site new prominence.


We'll swing by a Prince George's County Church that's taking the concept of a Christmas pageant to a whole new level. And we'll go inside a weekly event known as the Captain's Coffee and hear how it's bringing together houseboat residents on the D.C. Waterfront. But first, we wanted to hear how you marked this festive and frenzied time of year so we sent "Metro Connection's" Heather Taylor out on the streets to talk with Washingtonian's about their own holiday traditions.


When -- Coast Guard families, they travel around a lot. When I grew up, I mean, we were always with extended family and that kind of thing, but now we usually make homemade pizza on Christmas Eve and then on Christmas Day, it's just a quiet day with my husband, my son and I.


I'm from New Orleans. Back home, we always pick a color and we'll dress those colors on Christmas day and all our decorations will be those colors. Last year colors were blue, teal and silver. I think, I honest think it might've been like 10 years ago that we did red and green. But this year it's red and gold. So I have to go find a Christmas outfit.


I like to do Christmas shopping kind of early. I like Black Friday. So I take advantage -- even though I'm homeless but I'm still part of the community. So what I do, I just save up for the whole month of November and then when Black Friday come I take my children all shopping. And, so, around Christmastime instead of being and rushing, I can spend more time with my family and it's fun.


Those were local residents speaking with Metro Connection's Heather Taylor in D.C. and Bethesda.
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