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Door To Door: Nairn/Hermitage, Md. And Hollin Hills, Va.


And now, our weekly trip around the region. On today's "Door To Door," we visit Hollin Hills, Va. and the Nairn-Hermitage area of Silver Spring, Md.


My name is Carol Rowry (sp?). We live right next to Wheaton Regional Park, kind of the back door and down from the Wheaton Library. I think of it as being next to Wheaton Regional Park or the Nairn-Hermitage area. Some of the activities that I like to do here, I like to walk a lot and I like to walk around the neighborhood, I like to walk up the street. We recognize a lot of people that are on this street. Because we're next to the park there are people who walk their dogs in, they bring their kids in. They bicycle in, we're on a bicycle route that goes up Slygo (sp?), comes through the neighborhoods and goes into the park here.


And in the winter, we have even seen people cross-country skiing into the park, which just makes me feel like I'm at some resort. We see people we know on the street instead of just going to the job and coming back and you don't know your neighbors.


My name is Suzanne McLees and I live in a community called Hollin Hills, in Alexandria, Va. Hollin Hills is a few miles after Old Town Alexandria, as you're heading towards Mount Vernon. I think we're about five or six miles from Mount Vernon here. The community was started, well, it was designed by an architect named Charles Goodman, who had come to Washington from Chicago. He came here and worked after World War II on a lot of government projects. He did some work on National Airport.


The houses were sighted in a way to accomplish two objects. One was to maximize exposure to sunlight and the other was to maximize privacy. I think people notice immediately when they come through here the architecture certainly, because you've got the big walls of glass, the blurring of the lines between the interiors and the exteriors and the landscaping, I think, is quite unusual too because it's all fluid and it's natural. It's in a natural state. This is not supposed to be a place where people plant rows of boxwood or anything like, you know, it's very rustic.


The people are a little bit unusual compared to your average Washingtonians. You know, they have a lot of interests, they have a lot of depth. They tend to be keenly interested in design, I'm generalizing mind you, you know. We have all sorts of folks here but that's something that I really appreciate living in the neighborhood.


We heard from Carol Rowry in Nairn-Hermitage and Suzanne McLees in Hollin Hills. Your community can be a part of "Door To Door," too. Just send an email to or visit us on Facebook, that's And to surf around an interactive map of all the doors we've knocked on so far, visit our website,
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