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Door to Door: Hillcrest & Park View


And now "Door to Door," our weekly trip around the region. Today, we're going to swing by Hillcrest in Southeast D.C. and Parkview in Northwest D.C.


I'm Marvin Bowser. I'm a native Washingtonian. I've lived in the Hillcrest neighborhood for 13 years now. Hillcrest is one of the defined neighborhoods in the city plan so it's not even adjacent to Anacostia. Fairlawn is between here and Anacostia. The Hillcrest neighborhood is very stable so when the other neighborhoods in the city went through a decline, Hillcrest maintained its character because many families have been here 30 to 40 years to get a house.


A lot of people have bought the house from the first owner or second owner of that property. Lots of the city black intelligentsia have lived here. A lot of the agency heads from the city, fire chiefs, police chiefs. The notable resident right now is Spenson Gray (sp?) right down the street here and Kwame Brown (sp?) down the street in the other direction and our Council Member, Yvette Alexander is only a few blocks over in the next neighborhood. So it's a wonderful place to live.


My name is Kent Base and I live in Parkview. It's a neighborhood directly north of Howard University between Columbia Heights and the Armed Forces Retirement Home in the upper Northeast corner of Ward 1. Parkview is kind of sandwiched in between all of these very strong personalities to the point where those living in the northern part of the neighborhood may think they're in Petworth, especially newcomers. Those not familiar with the area will think they're in Columbia Heights because that's what the D.C. tax records will tell them.


If you spend some time in Parkview -- though you will notice that it does feel a little different. Parkview was created out of the subdivision of older estates and was subdivided by different developers. It does not follow the layout of streets that people are familiar with. In fact, what you get are some roads and Park Road is a great example. When you go east of Georgia Avenue, it does this swoop to realign with the gate at the soldier's home that was originally on Park Road. And where there's that big realignment, that was actually the crossover from one 19th century estate into another 19th century estate.


Sometimes, when a homeowner passes away, the chances are that the home will go to a family member and that creates a continuation of memory and you know, civic belonging. There's still a significant amount of the neighborhood that have lived there for years. It's just home.


We heard from Marvin Bowser in Hillcrest and Kent Base in Parkview. If you would like us to feature your neighborhood on "Door to Door," send us an e-mail at or visit us on Facebook, that's And to see a map of all the communities we visited so far and to listen to past segments, check out our website,
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