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Door To Door: H Street And Old Town Alexandria


And now "Door to Door," our weekly trip around the region. Today, we visit Old Town in Alexandria, Va. and the H Street Corridor in Northeast D.C.


I am Anwar Saleem. I am on H Street, northeast (word?) corridor. You want to go back to 2002, I remember when we had over a 150 vacancies along the quarter. And, you know, we have attracted, since then, over 150 new businesses. When you have the amenities that you have on H Street, when you can come outside and you can buy clothing, you can bring your family to a sit-down restaurant right in our area and you can attend a play, your property value goes up. It's more.


And that's what's happening in this neighborhood. And then, with the potential of what can happen with the street carter, trolley, I think that's even taking the property values even higher. If you frequent H Street corridor, you can see them laying the tracks now. And we've been going through this process for about four and a half years now. So at the end of the day, we're going to have a beautiful product.


People are very excited looking at where we were just a few years ago and looking at an area that's on a strong comeback.


I am Ellen Kline and I'm in Old Town in Virginia. Old Town is just south of the Beltway and you can take the Metro here. So between the Metro Station and the river is Old Town, Alexandria, it's roughly one mile down King Street. What you see are houses dating as far back as the 1700s. But for the most part, it's going to be later, 19th century. Wear comfortable shoes because of the brick sidewalks. You can definitely walk up and down the street or you can take the free trolley on King Street.


Christ Church, which is just west of Washington Street, used to be called the Church in the Woods because it really was woods. And Washington went to that church. They have his pew still there. People who live here are very much aware that if they don't support their local businesses, that they will disappear. So that's something that's very good and strong. They make an effort to buy local and shop local.


We heard from Ellen Kline in Old Town and Anwar Saleem in the H Street Corridor. If you'd like us to visit your neighborhood, send us an e-mail at or visit us on Facebook, that's And to view an interactive map of all the doors we've knocked on so far, check out our website,
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