D.C. Expats: Iraq


And now, let's hit the road, or globe rather, with some more Washingtonians abroad.


Earlier in the show, we played a couple of voicemails from D.C. expats living in England. Next up, a dispatch from Iraq. The recording is a little fuzzy, but you'll get the idea.


Hi, my name is Alia. I moved to D.C. right after college and lived there for three years. I left in March 2010 and then (unintelligible) the Kurdish region of Iraq in the city of Sulaimani, working at the American University of Iraq. Washington is a really person friendly city, big enough to have diverse, secluded neighborhoods, and for everyone to have their own circles, but small enough to walk around, ride a bike, use public transportation comfortably, or in my case, drive a Vespa around town.


I also miss the monuments, very much. Whether on a weekend day at dusk, or in the middle of the night, exploring the memorials is a spectacular experience, every time. What I don't miss about D.C., and I know this is somewhat cliché, is the obsessive desire to meet more people for professional advancement, that intruding urge to climb the ladder and meet smart, powerful people.


That was Alia (sp?) in Sulaimani, Iraq.


Later on in the show, we'll hear from one more expat who called in from China.
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