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Hungry For The Holidays With Julia Childs

Everyone knows Julia Child loved to cook, but not everyone knows she loved to read. Long ago she started work on a series of specials that are only just now being completed and aired -- stories about food and a little cooking, but mostly about people. "A Christmas Carol is a lovely story to read over the holidays," she says, "because it has a happy ending."

Peter Donat, a star of her favorite TV show, "Murder She Wrote," brings the story to life — with sounds and music that stimulate the theatre of the mind. Next Julia introduces her old friend, M.F.K. Fisher, who was, in the words of the poet W.H. Auden, "the best prose-writer in America." The recording took place in the author's tiny house set in a meadow, with cows poking their noses to the window. Julia paints a funny, spontaneous portrait of her friend — especially her "wicked" streak.

The story Mary Frances Kennedy reads is "I Was Really Very Hungry," about a meal served off-season in a famous Burgundian restaurant, the passionate chef slaving in the kitchen, the passionate waitress bringing course after course to the only diner in the building, M.F.K. Fisher, whose pleasure shifts to fear as she finds herself "a victim of these stranded gourmets."


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