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Art Beat With Lauren Landau, April 18

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"Control — Out of Control" by David D'Orio and Nils Henrik is a mixed media work made from raw bees wax, paper and silkscreen.
Nils Henrik
"Control — Out of Control" by David D'Orio and Nils Henrik is a mixed media work made from raw bees wax, paper and silkscreen.

Apr. 18-Jun. 1: Sprays, Dusts and Aerosols: A Chemical Revolution
Starting today you can visit The McLean Project for the Arts' Emerson Gallery in the McLean Community Center to see Sprays, Dusts, and Aerosols: A Chemical Revolution. In the exhibit, sculptor David D'Orio and printmaker Henrik Sundqvist present a collection of mixed media works that speak to the artists' opinions about pesticides and the effects of mankind's attempts to control nature. There will be a reception tonight from 7 to 9.

Apr. 19-21: Bethesda's Literary Festival
You can celebrate the diversity of modern literature this weekend at the 14th annual Bethesda Literary Festival, which kicks off tomorrow and runs through Sunday. Managed and organized by the Bethesda Urban Partnership, the free festival will include writing contests, children's events and appearances by poets, journalists and authors, including Alice McDermott, David Maraniss and Lynn Povich. All activities will take place in downtown Bethesda.

Music: "Book of Rhymes (Instrumental)" by NAS 


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