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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, Sept. 25

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Remember newspapers? Remember when artists like Semen Fridliand used them for inspiration?
National Gallery of Art
Remember newspapers? Remember when artists like Semen Fridliand used them for inspiration?

(Sept. 25-Jan. 27) Bad News Scares
Artists have been manipulating newspapers into their work for quite some time — from Pablo Picasso to Jasper Johns to the Guerrilla Girls. The National Gallery of Art explores the myriad manifestations of newspapers in art in Shock of the News, showing through late January. Sixty-five collages, paintings, sculptures, and photos from 1909 to 2009 will be on view.

(Sept. 25-Oct. 7) Black Watch
The Shakespeare Theatre Company goes beyond the headlines to stage Black Watch. The production uses testimonials from Scottish troops to explore the internal and external hostile environments faced by one regiment in Iraq. Inventive use of movement, music, and song help make for a powerful theatrical experience.

(Sept. 27-Oct. 6) The Rape of Lucrece
Washington's Taffety Punk theater company never shies away from experimentation — even when the source material is Shakespeare. It's mashing up theater, music, and dance to present the Bard's Rape of Lucrece beginning Thursday at Southeast's Capitol Hill Arts Workshop. The poem traces the assault by the king's son, and the consequences for both Lucrece and the empire.

Music: "Death Of A Party" by Blur


Lowly Worm Is Back! Richard Scarry Jr. Brings Dad's Manuscript To Life

The younger Scarry, also an illustrator, found a draft of Best Lowly Worm Book Ever! in his dad's Swiss chalet. He says all that was missing was the final art, "so that's what I did."

A Food Crisis Follows Africa's Ebola Crisis

Food shortages are emerging in the wake of West Africa's Ebola epidemic. Market shelves are bare and fields are neglected because traders can't move and social gatherings are discouraged.

Uber Greases The Wheel With Obama's Old Campaign Manager

Uber is hiring David Plouffe, the mastermind of Obama's 2008 campaign, to power its own political strategy. What can a tech-savvy political animal offer a ride-sharing service?

Native Stories From Alaska Give Gamers Something To Play With

The video game Never Alone draws on a traditional Inupiaq story and the actual experiences of native Alaskan elders, storytellers and youth.

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