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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, Aug. 31

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You could have a quality portrait waiting for you on your favorite street corner very soon. Yes, you!
Katarina Price Photography
You could have a quality portrait waiting for you on your favorite street corner very soon. Yes, you!

(Aug. 31) AS IS
AS IS is an “Urban Portrait Project,” which is to say Washington portrait artist Nicole Bourgea walked the streets of this city, met random strangers, and made them - and the surroundings where their paths crossed - the subjects of large-scale paintings. On October 1, Bourgea plans on placing the portraits back at the locations where she first met the individuals with a sign stating, “If this is you, the painting is yours to take.” It’s all an experiment in actually noticing people and resisting increasingly digital-based human interaction. There’s one chance to see the entire collection before it’s given away and it’s tonight at 8 at The Dunes in Columbia Heights.

(Sept. 1) Fun? Sun? DC Blues Festival.
You may have noticed it’s September tomorrow. And Labor Day on Monday. Among other things, this means you have precious few opportunities to get outside to enjoy concerts, and art festivals, and films. Rock Creek Park’s final event of the season is Saturday. The 24th Annual DC Blues Festival brings a bevy of local talent to the Carter Barron Amphitheatre from noon to about dusk.

Music:“Drift Dive” by The Antlers

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