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Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, May 2

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Khaira Arby rocks the calabash gourd and several indigenous West African tongues tonight at DC9.
Khaira Arby
Khaira Arby rocks the calabash gourd and several indigenous West African tongues tonight at DC9.

(May 2) Art of Athens
Summer is always a good season for the arts in Athens. That’s why a news crew would be inclined to follow three artists around. Such is the setup in 2010’s Artherapy, screening tonight at the Avalon Theatre in Northwest Washington. The Greek film tracks a singer, a street artist, and an actor as they try to perfect their respective forms during turbulent times.

(May 5) Help a Master out
Some real life artists who have made it through the turbulence of graduate school share their work this Saturday at the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Studio Center in Baltimore. You’ll have the opportunity to browse, and even buy, paintings, sculpture, photography, and mixed media works by the school’s graduating masters.

(May 2) Khaira, Queen of the Desert
A master vocalist stops by Northwest’s DC9 tonight for an evening of desert blues. Mali’s Khaira Arby is considered the queen of indigenous music in her native Timbuktu. The soulful songstress tackles a number of social issues in a number of languages while keeping the beat on her calabash gourd.

Music: “Assalam Felawan” by Bombino


Impressionist Hero Édouard Manet Gets The Star Treatment In Los Angeles

Manet was not himself an Impressionist, but he mightily influenced the movement. Two of his paintings are now in L.A. The Railway is making its West Coast debut, and Spring just sold for $65 million.

Stone Age Britons Were Eating Wheat 2,000 Years Before They Farmed It

Scientists have recovered cultivated wheat DNA from an 8,000-year-old submerged site off the British coast. The finding suggests hunter-gatherers were trading for the grain long before they grew it.
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Paycheck Politics And The Homeland Security Bill

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson is blasting Republicans who claim that the department's workers can weather a temporary shutdown if Congress can't finish legislation to fund the department by the end of Friday.


Fines Remain Rare Even As Health Data Breaches Multiply

Since 2009, a federal watchdog has levied only 22 penalties against health care organizations for failing to safeguard information about patients.

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