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The Laurel Museum opens a new exhibit on Sunday exploring the lives of mill workers in Prince George's County.
Laurel Museum
The Laurel Museum opens a new exhibit on Sunday exploring the lives of mill workers in Prince George's County.

(February 3-March 4) A Different Sort of Runaway Bride
If the approach of Valentine’s Day already has you cringing, Constellation Theatre Company’s Blood Wedding might be a perfect fit for your mood.  The play by Federico García Lorca tells the story of lovers being torn apart within a cycle of murder and revenge in rural Spain.  The tale, which Lorca wrote in just a week, is said to be inspired by the true story of a runaway bride.  You can catch a pay-what-you-can preview of Blood Wedding tonight at D.C.’s Source Theatre, where the show runs through March 4.

(February 3-5) Tutus and Temples
Speaking of epic tales of love and revenge, there are only a few days left to catch the American Ballet Theatre production of the classic La Bayadère at the Kennedy Center. The performers will twirl their way through the temples of mystical India through Sunday.

(February 5-mid-December)
From 1830 to 1929, hundreds of men, women and children worked in the cotton mills of Laurel, Maryland.  That nearly-forgotten bit of local history is explored in a new exhibit, “True Life:  I’m a Laurel Mill Worker at the Laurel Museum.  You can check out diaries, photos, and a replica of a worker’s home beginning Sunday.

Music: “La Bayadere:  Entrance of the Shades” by Sydney Symphony Orchestra


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