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Larger Fines For Texting While Driving Pass In Virginia

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Virginia may make texting while driving a primary offense and raise fines for the infraction.
Virginia may make texting while driving a primary offense and raise fines for the infraction.

Both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly have approved legislation to toughen penalties for texting while driving, according to the Associated Press.

Texting while driving is already punishable by a $20 fine, but it's a secondary offense, which means police can only write someone a ticket if they have already been stopped for another violation. The Senate and the House of Delegates voted to pass identical bills that would increase the fine to $250 dollars and make it a primary offense, meaning police can pull over anyone they spot texting while behind the wheel.

The fine for a second offense would be $500 bucks. If a motorist is charged with reckless driving as a result of texting, there would be a mandatory minimum $500 fine.


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