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D.C. Officials Still Pushing 'Taxation' License Plate For Obama's Limo

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D.C.'s license plate hasn't graced the presidential limousine since the Clinton administration.
Kari Bluff: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mrsbluff/3057774243/
D.C.'s license plate hasn't graced the presidential limousine since the Clinton administration.

Two local D.C. lawmakers will meet with officials at the White House later today over a DC Council resolution asking President Obama to have the "taxation without representation" license plate put on his official vehicles. 

City lawmakers and voting rights activists are still hoping to convince the White House to use the license plate for this month's inauguration. Bill Clinton was the first president to use the "taxation without representation" plate, but his successors have not followed suit. 

Earlier this week, the D.C. Council passed an emergency resolution encouraging the president to use the tags, and this afternoon Council member Mary Cheh and Council chairman Phil Mendelson will meet with members of the president's intergovernmental affairs office at the White House. 

Meanwhile, the activist group DC Vote continues to try to rally support for the President's change of plates. The group started an online petition on the White House website "We the People." As of Thursday, approximately 3,200 people had signed the online petition asking the president to use the license plate. The group needs 25,000 signatures to receive an official White House response. 


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