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Report Of Chicken Falling From Sky Raises Eyebrows

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It's not something you hear about every day — or ever, for that matter.  But in Assawoman, Va. yesterday, there was a report of raw chicken meat falling from the sky. 

At Queen Hive Farm, it was a twist to the "Chicken Little" story, where the sky was doing the falling. 

"When we looked closer there were pieces of raw chicken — or they appeared to be pieces of raw chicken — strips of skin," says Jennifer Cording, the farm's owner.

Cording, who says four pieces of the supposed chicken measuring up to 18 inches in length dropped out of the sky. The smallest piece struck a student, who was fine due to her helmet. 

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality got wind of this and began investigating. They've never heard of such a situation, so it may take time to figure out, says DEQ spokesman Bill Hayden. 

"One of the things we're looking at is if the material was composted, which is a routine practice, was it properly covered to prevent birds from getting into it, that kind of thing," he says. 

They haven't determined any imminent environmental threat to people. Cording says except for the student being grossed out and some skittish horses, all is well.


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