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Three Hospitalized After NW House Fire

A house fire ravaged a home on Locust St. NW early in the morning of April 5.
Armando Trull
A house fire ravaged a home on Locust St. NW early in the morning of April 5.

D.C. firefighters contained an early morning blaze in a residential home in upper Northwest today. 

Three family members in the home at the time of the fire got out of the house safely, although one male occupant had to be revived by emergency responders, according to D.C. Fire EMS. All three individuals were brought to the hospital for observation.

Micah Saub, a neighbor who witnessed the fire early this morning, says the flames were visible from the street. 

"I saw flames, and billowing black smoke coming out of the upstairs windows," Saub says. "The firefighters came very quickly, and thank goodness the family members were all able to get out of the house safely."

D.C. Fire and EMS was called to the house shortly after 6:30 a.m. The fire was extinguished by 7:30. 


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