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Suit Accuses Catholic U. Of Discrimination

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Catholic University is being sued over the rights of Muslim students.  John Banzhaf, a law professor from George Washington University, has filed a suit against Catholic University for allegedly denying Muslim students the right to form an official group on campus and for allegedly denying the students space to perform daily Muslim prayers. 

But the lawsuit is not based on any complaints from Muslim students attending Catholic University, according to a Washington Post report. In the suit, Banzhaf argues that because Muslims have not been given a room to pray at Catholic that is free of Catholic religious symbols, those students' rights have been violated.

John Banzhaf filed the complaint with D.C.’s Office of Human Rights, which investigates allegations of unlawful discrimination. Banzhaf has filed over 100 human rights complaints over the years, including a recent one against Catholic University over the school’s decision to eliminate co-ed dorm floors. 


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