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Friday, October 7, 2011

WaPo's McCartney: Redistricting In Va. And Md., Battle Over Transit Board Seats

Democrats in Maryland are trying to gerrymander districts to expand their control of House seats in the state, and in Virginia, the governor is sparring with counties over seats on the transit board.

Metro Delays For 3-Day Weekend

Metro is closing three stations for track work over the Columbus Day weekend.

Bill Aims To Help Timeshare Owners

People seem to either love or hate timeshares, and while some say the units have paid for themselves, others find them costly and burdensome. Many have unsuccessfully tried to unload their properties, and one state Delegate is spearheading an effort to address this.

Southbound 295 Flyover Bridge Opens

The first major phase of roadwork on a big D.C. transportation project is wrapping up.

Senate Renews Effort To Increase Taxes

Sen. Ben Cardin is rallying behind a new effort in the Senate to increase taxes on millionaires.

Value Voters Promotes Conservative Issues

The Value Voters Summit kicks off Friday, bringing together thousands of conservative supporters, and pushing the message of maintaining strong family values and condemning homosexuality.

D.C. To Crack Down On School Residency Fraud

With their own budget problems to worry about, D.C. schools are looking to identify out-of-state students whose parents enroll them in D.C. schools without paying any taxes.

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Oct. 7

james blake

Puppets, parks, pots, and the electronic sounds of James Blake.

Door to Door: Barry Farm, D.C. & Kensington, Md.

This week, we hit the basketball courts in the District's Barry Farm neighborhood, and talk with an antique shop owner from Kensington, Md.

[Music: "No, Girl" by John Davis from Title Tracks]

The Musical World Of D.C. Interns

A new show gives the D.C. internship experience a theatrical twist.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wetlands Continue To Decline

The rate at which wetlands are disappearing in the U.S. has slowed considerably, but the rate is still unacceptable to conservationists.

Caution Urged At Suitland Metro After Attacks

Metro police are urging caution for Metro riders who frequent the Suitland Metro station, as two women have been attacked in the last week and a half.

Fairfax County Considers Security Cameras For Schools

Big brother or safety boon? Fairfax County schools are considering putting security cameras inside schools to discourage rule-breaking.

Medical Marijuana Mulled In Maryland

medical marijuana

Maryland's health secretary spoke to a group working to get medical marijuana legalized in the state, and said several academic institutions are exploring the possibility.