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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Peak Cherry Blossom Bloom Time Announced

The National Park Service's chief horticulturalist, Rob DeFeo, says March 29 to April 3 will be the peak bloom period for the cherry blossoms.

O'Malley To Support Offshore Wind Energy, Reduced Estate Tax

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley is scheduled to testify in support of two bills Thursday afternoon in Annapolis.

Seven Charged In Sorority Hazing

Prince George's County Police have charged seven University of Maryland sorority sisters with assaulting and hazing a pledge during initiation.

Transit Advocates Want Expanded MARC Service

Advocates for mass transit in Maryland want money from an increased gas tax to go toward expanding the state's MARC train service.

Gay-Marriage Bill Hold-Outs Ready To Vote

In Maryland, two delegates who delayed a critical committee vote this week on the states same-sex marriage bill, say they're ready to vote on the measure.

North-South Highway Considered In Prince William County

Virginia's Commonwealth Transportation Board will soon consider whether constructing a new North-South highway in western Prince William County should be a state priority. But local opinions are split on such a proposal.

Lawmakers Try To Address Human Trafficking In Virginia

The Virginia General Assembly passed new legislation this session to help victims of trafficking.

Father, Son Cope With Huntington's Disease

The relationship of a father and son is the subject of a new documentary that takes place in India.

Coyotes Are Here To Stay In D.C. Region

Coyote sightings are becoming commonplace in certain parts of the D.C. region, and some biologists say humans will have to adapt.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Outreach For Rapist Case Produces Leads

Police are using electronic billboards and a Web site in their efforts to catch a man known as the East Coast Rapist. Officials say their efforts are generating leads.

Md. Same-Sex Marriage Bill In Limbo

Maryland's same-sex marriage bill, which passed easily through the state's Senate last week, may now be in jeopardy in the House of Delegates.

Local Grocer Busts Bacteria

Researchers from the University of Arizona have found that 72 percent of supermarket carts contain harmful germs, including fecal bacteria and even E Coli. The investigators say the carts they tested had more germs than the supermarkets' restrooms.

Cat In The Hat On The Hot Seat

Not even "The Cat in the Hat" can avoid getting heat in Maryland's debate on pension reform and education funding.