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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Maryland News Roundup

Senate passes $14.6 billion budget with fee increases; IWIF premium exemption extension killed; Miller says transgender discrimination bill won't see light of day; families of victims testify for stiffer penalties against negligent drivers who kill; anti-poaching bills swim through legislature; farm protection bill faces setbacks: sponsor "sickened" by politicking; Bring Your Own Wine bill dead; and Leslie Johnson gets May court date.

Latest Maryland News

The state Senate has approved raising the Maryland alcohol tax by three percentage points over three years to nine percent.

Latest D.C. News

Major traffic tie-ups can be expected next month as New York Avenue drops from six lanes to four.

Latest Virginia News

Kentucky Utilities' residential customers in Virginia will see higher electricity bills starting Friday.

Jenna Fournel: A 'Brave Experiment' Creates An Artistic Breakthrough

Commentator Jenna Fournel, from the D.C.-based Center for Inspired Teaching, reflects on how a teacher in a high school summer program turned her into an artist.

Politics And Prose Finds New Owners

Politics and Prose, the bookstore and D.C. institution for 27 years, is changing hands. The store announced this week that two former Washington Post journalists -- Bradley Graham and his wife Lissa Muscatine -- are the soon-to-be owners.

Health Rankings Released For D.C., Maryland And Virginia

When comparing D.C. to the rest of the country in terms of overall health, a new study says residents of the nation's capital are more likely to die earlier and less likely to graduate from high school.

High School Student Brings Loaded Gun To Maryland School

A 15-year-old Tuscarora High School student is behind bars and faces criminal charges for bringing a fully loaded .22 caliber revolver to school. He made his first court appearance Wednesday.

Power Breakfast: Diverse Views On U.S. Military Action In Libya

From Capitol News Connection:

Mississippi Senators Thad Cochran and Roger Wicker are both Republicans; they have similar voting records. But they don't exactly see eye-to-eye on how to assess the President's approach so far in Libya.

Pr. George's County Exec. Delivers First State Of The Economy Address

In Prince George's County, Md., Executive Rushern Baker is mapping out the economic future for the county.

D.C. Parent Program Lets 'Wise Elders' Pass On Advice

Guiding children through adolescence is especially difficult for parents navigating those years for the first time.

On Anniversary Of South Capitol Street Shootings, A Push For Reform

One year after the South Capitol Street shootings, a council member is pushing to revamp how the District identifies and treats troubled young people.

Board Recommends Names For Sliver Line Metro Stations

In Virginia, there are now proposed names for some of the Metrorail stations that will eventually open on the new Silver Line.

Virginia Honors Women With A Monument

It won't be long before Virginia women are officially recognized on the grounds of the State Capitol for their contributions to the Commonwealth and the nation.

Montgomery County Could Start Charging For Saturday Parking In Bethesda

Bethesda is one of the most popular spots in Maryland for shoppers and restaurant-goers on weekends. But those who head there may be paying more to do so if county executive Isiah Leggett's budget proposal is passed.