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Friday, January 28, 2011

Parents And City Leaders Debate D.C. Voucher Program

D.C. city leaders are split over reauthorizing a voucher program that would provide scholarship opportunities to select students.

Monday, December 12, 2011

VDOT Unveils Electronic Travel Signs

The Virginia Department of Transportation has installed new electronic signs that should give drivers a better idea of how long their commutes will be.

Virginia Makes Changes To Ease Mark Center Traffic

While larger plans to accomodate increased traffic to the Mark Center are in the works, Virginia has instituted many smaller changes to ease the morning commute in the area.

New Study Examines WWI Chemical Effects On NW D.C.

A wealthy NW D.C. neighborhood is the subject of a study that will examine the health effects of a WWI chemical test site buried within -- some residents say the research doesn't go far enough.

Virginia Tech Shooter Offered No Signs Of Violence

Armando Trull was in Partlow, Va. Monday, where he spoke to friends of Virgina Tech shooter Ross Ashley, who say they never saw signs of the violence that was to come.

Maryland Coming Down On Flash Mob Crimes

After a second flash mob robbery struck a convenience store in Montgomery County last month, a state delegate is pushing for legislation that would hold those involved responsible for everything stolen by the group.

GOP Candidate Drops Out Of D.C. Council Race

Republican Tim Day has dropped out of the race for the at-large D.C. council seat currently held by Michael A. Brown, leaving just one GOP candidate in the running.

Full Plate In Congress Before Winter Recess

Among other issues to wrap up this week, members of Congress also have to agree on a bill that will fund the federal government after this Friday.

Maryland Looks To Strengthen Punishment For Flash Mob Robberies

One Maryland legislator is hoping to quell the rash of "flash mob robberies" that has picked up in recent months.

D.C. To Provide Job Training For More Residents

The District is planning to launch the next phase of its "One City, One Hire" program, which will target those unemployed that haven't sought out government help. 

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Dec. 12

Cabaret, Field of Vision and a look at Le Havre.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Warner Partners With Moran To Support Local Start-Ups

A Democratic senator and Republican senator are teaming up to push through a new bill that helps start-up companies in the region.

Commentary: Protecting Children Is An Adult's Job

Commentator Michele Booth Cole talks about what adults can do to protect children from sexual abuse.

Arlandria Residents Concerned About Gentrification

A proposal for a hundreds of new apartments and retail space in Alexandria has some low-income residents wondering if they'll be priced out of the neighborhood.

Low-Income Housing Advocates Upset Over Cuts

Low-income housing advocates are enraged over the District's $18 million cut from a fund used to support housing for the city's poorest residents.