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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Super Committee Still Facing Partisan Differences

The congressional super committee's deadline to trim away nation's debt is few days away, but a solid deal is nowhere in sight.

Virginia Elementary School Offers Middle School Classes

Students at an elementary school in Virginia now have the opportunity to learn what the "big kids" in middle school learn.

Virginia Looks To Standardize Police Lineups

Virginia police officers are moving toward a uniform approach when using lineups to identify suspects.

Officials Offering To Open 3 New D.C. Middle Schools

D.C. schools officials are offering to create three new middle schools that would enable students to participate in specialty programs.

Protesters Occupy Vacant Franklin School

Several protesters were arrested during an Occupy D.C.-inspired demonstration in an abandoned city-owned building.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Montgomery County Holds Annual Thanksgiving Parade

Silver Spring celebrated Thanksgiving Saturday with a parade through the city.

Complaint Against UVA For Using Cats In Medical Training

A physicians group filed a federal complaint to stop the University of Virginia from using cats in their pediatrics residency programs.

Scientists Expand Seismic Grid Across U.S.

Scientists are placing seismic sensors across the East Coast in an effort to better understand the secrets of the Earth.

New Bill Means Big Changes For MWAA

A newly passed legislation is forcing the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority to change the way it does business.

Weekend Track Work: National Airport Stop Closed

reagan airport

It wouldn't be the weekend if the Metro wasn't performing track work, and this week that means station closures at Crystal City, National Airport and Braddock Road on the Blue and Yellow lines.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Woodbridge Flood Victims Petition FEMA

Residents of Woodbridge, Va. are petitioning FEMA for individual assistance, arguing that deciding  when to give aid based on the value of property destroyed is unfair to citizens with lower income.

Commuters Beware: Protesters Occupying Metro

Occupy DC protesters are taking to the Metro Friday evening to spread their message to commuters, potentially adding delays to your commute.

Ice Rink At Sculpture Garden Opens

sculpture garden ice rink

The ice rink at the National Gallery of Art's Sculpture Garden is open for the season, and this year they're boasting ice smoothed by an official Zamboni.

WaPo McCartney: Occupy Movement Reaches Two-Month Anniversary, Issa Proposes Bill To Give D.C. More Autonomy Over Budget

Occupy D.C. takes its protest to the Key Bridge, and a proposed bill that aims to give D.C. more autonomy over its budget has been dismissed by local leaders.

DCPS Slammed For Failing Special Needs Students

A U.S. District Judge has panned the DCPS for a "persistent failure" to provide services to disabled preschool students.