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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New LEED Credit Encourages Bird-Friendly Designs


Floor to ceiling windows make for great light, but they can be a major hazard for birds -- a new credit is aimed at encouraging architects to think more about our avian neighbors.

Va. Democrats Push GOP To Share Power

Democrats in Virginia are considering filing a lawsuit to check the tiebreaking power of the lieutenant governor in the divided state senate.

Monday, November 21, 2011

MoCo Asking People To Respect Handicap Parking

Montgomery County is seeking to publicize the problems caused by the abuse of handicap parking spaces, particularly during the holiday season.

MoCo Council Looking To Improve School Lunches

School lunches are still a sore point for the Montgomery County council, who would like to see improvements made to the food being fed to children.

UMD President Endorses Plan To Cut 8 Sports Teams

University of Maryland president Wallace Loh has endorsed a plan to cut the athletics department budget deficit by cutting eight sports teams -- affected programs have less than a year to raise the millions needed for their operating budgets.

North Anna Reactor Unit 2 Restarted

The North Anna Power Station will reopen soon, after being shut down since the last summer's 5-8 earthquake.

Bethesda Man Accused Of Operating Ponzi Scheme

A Bethesda man named Garfield Taylor is accused by the SEC of operating a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors, including a charity for children with special needs, out of millions of dollars.

CQ Roll Call: Super Committee Expected To Admit Failure

Members of the super committee are expected to admit failure with coming up with a plan to pull the nation out of debt.

D.C. Mayor Appoints New Communications Director

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray is expected to appoint two new top-level members of his staff, including a new director of communications.

Bowser Introduces D.C. Ethics Reform Bill

D.C. Council member Muriel Bowser has culled through all her fellow members' recent ethics proposals and introduced a single bill that would tackle ethics reforms  in the city.

Va. Bay Cleanup Estimate Now Tops $15B

Virginia's bill for Chesapeake Bay cleanup may be more expensive than state officials originally thought, according to a new estimate.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Nov. 21

Theatrical times in the District of Columbia.

Super Committee Still Facing Partisan Differences

The congressional super committee's deadline to trim away nation's debt is few days away, but a solid deal is nowhere in sight.

Virginia Elementary School Offers Middle School Classes

Students at an elementary school in Virginia now have the opportunity to learn what the "big kids" in middle school learn.

Virginia Looks To Standardize Police Lineups

Virginia police officers are moving toward a uniform approach when using lineups to identify suspects.