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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Advocates Fight Against Weakening Virginia's Gun Laws

Gun control advocates, including one man whose sister died in the Virginia Tech shootings in 2007, went to Richmond this week to oppose a series of bills that would loosen gun laws in the commonwealth.

Accused Pentagon Shooter Pleads Guilty

The man accused of shooting at the Pentagon and other military intallations in the D.C. area plead guilty on three counts today.

Maryland Legislator Would Tweak Ballot Petition Process

One Maryland lawmaker is looking to reform the process for certifying a ballot petitions in the state after controversy surrounded the voter petition on the "DREAM Act" last year.

Government, Business Leaders Growing Weary Of Occupy DC

Occupy DC seems to have worn out its welcome, as city government and business leaders once again called for removal of the encampment this week. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Activists Echo Obama's Call For Immigration Reform

Some are hopeful that the case of one local man, who was slated for deportation after calling the police to report a crime, may be revisited after President Obama's call for immigration reform.

Loudoun County Getting Cold Feet About Silver Line

Citing the unknown extent of the costs they will bear during the construction of the Silver Line, some Loudoun County lawmakers are having second thoughts.

Breaking Down Obama's State Of The Union

Reid Wilson from National Journal Hotline and Tom Shoop from Government Executive help break down the reception and prospects for the agenda laid out in President Obama's State of the Union.

Microsoft Partners With D.C. For 'Digital Alliance'

The District of Columbia and Microsoft are partnering up to offer technology training to local unemployed residents, as well as offering resources to schools and local businesses.

Bill Would Nix Sales Tax On Textbooks

Citing the burden placed on Maryland students and competition from online retailers, Maryland legislators are considering waiving the sales tax on textbooks.

UMD Officials Warn Students To Behave After Game

Officials from the University of Maryland are warning students that there will be consequences if there is another riot after tonight's basketball game against Duke University.

Jury Absolves Officer In Stun Gun Death

A federal jury has found that a Federick County police officer was not liable for the stun-gun death of a 20-year-old Frederick man, saying he used reasonable amounts of force.

Cheh To Talk Rats, Rush Limbaugh On Kojo

D.C. Council member Mary Cheh will have a chance to respond on-air to criticisms of her and the District's animal control policies Thursday.

Metro Workers Disciplined For Extra-Long Train

After rolling a Metro train out with more cars than could fit on a platform, several Metro employees have been disciplined for the mistake.

Virginia Senate Stumbles Over Judge Elections

The Virginia legislature ground to a halt Tuesday after Democrats and Republicans came to an impasse over the election of two new judges.

Sunday, January 22, 2012