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Friday, February 3, 2012

Door To Door: Marbury Plaza, D.C. And West End, Md.

It's our weekly trip around the region. This week, we visit Marbury Plaza in D.C. and the West End neighborhood of Rockville, Md.

Making Art From The Things We Fear

Artists confront the things they fear most in the Torpedo Factory Art Center's latest exhibit, "Fears and Phobias."

District Artists Fear Loss Of Homes, Livelihood

Artists at 52 O Street are fearing some major changes, as the landlord considers transforming part of the building in to a hostel.

Washingtonians Confront Claustrophobia By Caving

A woman with an intense fear of confined spaces has found a creative, subterranean way to ease her anxieties.

DCPS Tries To Get A Handle On Who's Graduating, And Who's Not

The District's graduation rate is expected to drop significantly as the federal government changes the way it tracks who stays in school, and who doesn't.

On The Coast: A City Grapples With The Fears And Reality Of Crime

Officials in Salisbury, Md. are stepping up the battle against gangs and calling on the public for help.

Face Your Fears February: A Washingtonian Slays Her Fears, One By One

One D.C. resident created Face Your Fears February, a month-long effort to identify and slay the things -- rock climbing, dancing in public, photography -- that scared her the most.

A Family Guards An Open Secret

Open Secret filmmaker Steve Lickteig talks with Rebecca Sheir about his discovery that his oldest sister was actually his biological mother - a secret his family had kept from him for 18 years.

This Week On Metro Connection: Fears

From the things that go bump in the night to the anxieties that exist mostly in our minds, we consider "Fears" large and small on this week's Metro Connection.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Law Limiting Gun Purchases In Virginia Passes Senate

A decades old legislation to repeal a law that limits handgun purchases in Virginia has advanced in both the House and the Senate.

Federal Worker Pay Freeze Passes House

The U.S. House passed a bill Wednesday that would freeze federal workers' pay for the next year. 

Professors Aid Veterans From Service To Classroom

With the end of the war in Iraq, thousands of soldiers have returned home, and many of them are going to college. Two writing professors in Virginia have taken on a special project to help veterans transition from the service to the classroom.

Virginia House Passes Voter ID Bill

A law requiring Virginia voters to show photo ID at polling places has passed the Virginia House. 

Group Galvanizes Men To Stop Violence Against Women

A D.C.-based nonprofit is hoping to combat sexual violence against women on college campuses on a national scale.

Ca. Veteran Sues For Benefits For Her Same-Sex Spouse

A lesbian couple from California is suing the Department of Defense for veterans' benefits. Another couple from Alexandria did the same thing this past November.