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Monday, February 13, 2012

Virginia House Passes GPS Tracking Ban

The Virginia House has overwhelmingly approved a bill that would crack down on the illegitimate use of GPS tracking devices on residents of the commonwealth, with several notable exceptions.

Huguely Murder Trial Enters Second Week

The trial of George Huguely V, the former UVA lacrosse player accused of killing his girlfriend Yeardley Love, enters its second week, with testimony from the arresting officers, who noted injuries to Huguely's person.

Obama Unveils Budget at Northern Virginia Community College

Obama's 2013 budget is expected to include education initiatives and the District's budget oversight.

Lawmakers Voice Priorities Ahead Of Obama's 2013 Budget Release

Lawmakers in Maryland and Virginia are expressing their spending priorities for President Obama's 2013 budget.

Gray Lauds Obama's Push For D.C. Budget Autonomy

A provision in Obama's proposed 2013 budget calls for D.C. to spend its local tax dollars without having to go through Congress.

Organizer Criticizes Plans To Change Inscription On MLK Jr. Monument

An organizer of the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial is criticizing plans to strip off a disputed inscription from the monument.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Republican Daniel Bongino Going After Maryland U.S. Senate Seat

A Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Maryland is far behind the incumbent in fundraising, but he's hoping to use popular anger with Congress to his advantage.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eastern Shore Tourism Continues Strong

Data from a new report shows tourism industries in the eastern shore is still one of the biggest economic boosters in Maryland and Delaware.

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Feb. 13

Loveable animals, less lovable animals and young, mostly mad lovers.

Environmentalists Upset Over Plans To Export Gas Out Of Eastern Shore

Dominion Power wans to export natural gas out of Maryland's Eastern Shore, but environmental groups are opposing the plan.

Trump To Turn D.C.'s Old Post Office Into Luxury Hotel

Donald Trump is coming to the District for a new project, and it's not a reality television show.

Cold Temps Bring Wet, Snowy Weekend

An arctic chill brings the possibility of rain or snow showers this weekend.

'Power of Chocolate' Honors The Cacao Bean

The National Museum of the American Indian's 'Power of Chocolate' festival celebrates the history of the cacao bean, and a time before heart-shaped boxes came into fashion.

Mother Warns Of The Dangers Of Teen Dating

Lynne Russell, whose daugher was a victim of teen violence, warns McLean parents of the dangers of teen dating violence.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell Blasts Obama At CPAC

CPAC 2012

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell used his address at the Conservative Political Action Conference in D.C. to slam President Obama and plug his home state.