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Monday, April 11, 2011

Maryland News Roundup

From MarylandReporter.com: A major tax increase on alcohol, a plan to invest public money in start-ups to spur job growth and a measure to give undocumented immigrants tuition breaks at state colleges are among several issues left for lawmakers to decide today, on the last day of Maryland's legislative session, reports Aaron Davis and John Wagner for the Post.

D.C. Mayor Decries Congressional Budget Deal

D.C. Mayor Vince Gray says he thinks Democrats shouldn't have compromised on the issues affecting the District in Friday's last-minute Congressional budget deal, even if it would have meant a shutdown. But he quickly clarified on WAMU's Morning Edition that D.C. "shouldn’t have been the compromise."

"The issue is, it was not necessary to include the District in this in the first place," Gray said in an interview.

D.C. Leaders Angry At Democrats For Budget Riders

For years, leaders in the District have complained about Republicans in Congress meddling in local affairs. But following that last-minute budget deal to avert a government shutdown — which contained two riders targeting DC — city leaders are now directing their anger at Democrats.

D.C. Abortion Providers Balk At Congressional Budget Rider

To avoid a shutdown of the federal government, lawmakers reached a compromise that reinstates a ban on the District government using its own funds to pay for abortions. Local abortion providers are up in arms over the decision.

‘Art Beat’ With Sean Rameswaram

April 11, 2011 – A peacock room, a ballroom, and Russia’s finest.

Consider This, With Fred Fiske

This week, Fred Fiske considers Japan's future after last month's earthquake and multiple tsunamis.

Arlington Fiscal Board Seeks To Limit Housing Grants Budget In 2012

In the last six years, the housing grant program in Arlington has almost doubled — creating concern among many members of the county's Fiscal Affairs Advisory Commission.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Latest Maryland News

The Maryland State Senate is looking to trim down the number of race tracks that would be subsidized by the state under a proposal by Governor Martin O'Malley.

Latest Virginia News

Virginia state prosecutors are accusing nine City of Richmond employees of falsifying time sheets and being paid for overtime hours that they never worked.

Latest D.C. News

One of the labor unions that represents federal employees is arguing that it is illegal for the federal government to force essential government employees to work without pay during a shutdown.

Unions Brief Federal Employees On Shutdown Procedures

A federal government shutdown is just hours away unless a deal is reached to avert it and federal agencies are scrambling to educate workers about how a shutdown will work.

Shutdown Would Hamper D.C. Environmental Work, Chesapeake Bay Cleanup

The D.C. area's local environmental stewards are among those bracing for a federal government shutdown. A shutdown would have environmental consequences for D.C. and the entire Chesapeake Bay region, officials say.

How will a government shutdown affect D.C. public schools?

Even if the government does shut down this weekend, that won't mean a snow day-style vacation for D.C. Public Schools students next week. In the event of a government closure, the approximately 70,000 students in DC's Public schools will still be expected in class first thing Monday morning, according to a DCPS spokesperson.

D.C. Firefighters Injured in Northeast Fire

One District firefighter is suffering life-threatening injuries and three others are critically hurt after battling a house fire in Northeast D.C. early Friday morning.

Cherry Blossom Parade Won't Be Canceled If Gov Shuts Down

Federal government shut down or not, the National Cherry Blossom Festival parade will go on as scheduled tomorrow — but it could be cut a little short.