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Monday, October 31, 2011

Felony Murder For Undocumented Drunk Driver

A judge in Virginia found an undocumented man with a history of drunk driving guilty of felony murder Monday, after he was found to be intoxicated during a fatal car accident that killed one nun and severely injured two others.

Gray Cleared: No 'Direct Evidence' Backing Quid Pro Quo Claims

mayor vincent gray

Accusations from former D.C. mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown that he took shots at Adrian Fenty in exchange for a job in the Gray administration were deemed unsubstantiated by a House committee on Monday.

BRAC Employees Face Fines For Illegal Parking

Alexandria residents are concerned about BRAC employees parking illegally in residential areas, and want the city to create daytime parking districts.

Virginia Absentee Ballot Deadline Approaching

Virginia voters hoping to vote via absentee ballot better hurry up -- the deadline to apply for those who qualify is on Tuesday.

CQ Roll Call: Mr. Cain Goes to Washington

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is making a visit to D.C. this week despite new accusations that he covered up an instance of sexual harassment in the '90s.

Lululemon Trial: Analysts Outline Bloody Crime Scene

As the murder trial continues for Brittany Norwood, the Bethesda yoga shop employee accused of killing Jayna Murray in March, a blood spatter analyst testifying for the prosecutiuon says the two women had "a substantial battle" before Murray's death. 

O'Malley Against Online Gambling

Funds generated from Maryland's lottery system are the state's fourth largest revenue source, and O'Malley says legalizing online gambling could hurt the money stream.

Maryland Urges Safety Precautions On Halloween

Girl in cow costume, another girl in princess costume, dad walks dog (in a tutu)

The Maryland State Highway Association will continue giving out reflective vests for trick-or-treaters until 4 p.m. today, and it's urging kids and parents to think seriously about safety this Halloween. 

Activists Hope To Clean Up Chesapeake Bay's 'Horror Story'

A group of advocates are using Halloween to call attention to the need to make the Chesapeake Bay a little less scary -- at least when it comes to pollution.

In Woodbridge, Foreclosures Hit Hard

The town of Woodbridge, Va., is a classic example of today's mortgage crisis: hundreds of homes lay vacant, and hundreds more run the risk of being foreclosed on at any time. Now, residents there are demanding that banks do more to prevent these foreclosures.

Suit Accuses Catholic U. Of Discrimination

A George Washington University professor is accusing Catholic University of discrimination against Muslim students, although his suit does not cite any explicit complaints from students.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Commentary: The Guilt Of The Candy

Halloween conjures images of costumed children trick-or-treating through neighborhoods, lugging sacks full of candy. But for mother of six Vineeta Ribeiro, Halloween is fraught with tough decisions and more than one serving of guilt.

'Art Beat' With Sean Rameswaram, Oct. 31

Halloween on the big screen and a Golden Dragon on Studio's stage.

Union Station's Main Hall Closed For Repairs

The main hall at Union Station is closed for repairs this weekend, after a piece of plaster fell from the ceiling last week.

Tourmobile Ends Service After 42 Years

After more than 42 years of guiding visitors around the nation's capital, a popular D.C. tour bus will be making its final lap on Monday.