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Friday, November 18, 2011

A Capital Buzzing On Coffee

While some businesses are suffering in this poor economy, there's one business that's booming: the coffee industry. Local coffee shops are thriving, as the demands for java continues to grow.

Audience As Moderator: Inside dog & pony dc's Beertown

Beertown, a new theatrical production, involves both the performers and audience to act as moderators, voting items in and out of the town's time capsule.

Door To Door: Foxhall Village, D.C. And Pimmit Hills, Va.

In this week's trip around the region, we visit Northwest D.C.'s Foxhall Village and Virginia's Pimmit Hills.

Globetrotting Before Graduation: The Expanding World Of Study Abroad

The increasing number of foreign students opting to study in the U.S. is a major economic boost for the Washington region.

Moderating Our Energy Consumption

A Falls Church homeowner has created an energy-efficient house to reduce his environmental footprint and shrink his home heating costs.

'Our Lady' Seeks To Curb Road Rage On 95

A shrine to "Our Lady of the Highways" sits on the side of Interstate 95 in northern Maryland, and it was created by a group of priests who are praying for us all to be safer drivers.

Maintaining A Life When You Work In Law

As a growing number of female attorneys opt out of the intense pace of Washington law firms, there's one woman who's successfully found a middle path between career and family.

Robert's Rules: The Man Who Sought Order From Chaos

A new edition of Robert's Rules of Order, the most widely used manual of parliamentary procedure in the United States, is out, and according to one local tour guide, it has forever changed the way group discussions and meetings are moderated.

This Week On Metro Connection: Moderation

From the workplace to the highway to the dinner table, we look at the struggle to find moderation in a region known for its hard-charging habits.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bald Eagle Death Raises Concerns About Lead Poisoning

High lead levels in a bald eagle brought in to the Wildlife Center of Virginia have prompted calls for hunters to make changes to their hunting habits.

Protesters Occupy Key Bridge Under Police Watch

Police escorted Occupy protesters during their march from McPherson Square to Key Bridge Thursday afternoon, but it was peaceful and the effects on traffic were less than expected.

Local Lawmakers Want More From Super Committee

The deadline for the super committee's deficit reduction bill is looming, and now local lawmakers are pressuring them for more.

Metro Police Crack Down On Crime

Metro Transit Police have had some success cracking down on crime in and around the system, officials say. 

Asbestos Report Finds Poor Conditions For Workers

After taking a construction job to pay for school, on Montgomery College student discovered what he calls disturbing practices by some of the region's asbestos abatement companies.

White House Shooter Charged With Attempted Assassination

A man arrested Wednesday in conneciton with a shooting last week near the White House is being charged with the attempted assassination of President Obama and his staff.