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Monday, March 14, 2011

Power Breakfast: Lobbying And Its Lack Of Transparency

From Capitol News Connection:

There's no shortage of suggestions, ideas and entreaties to fix Washington's lobbying system.

Public Hearing Scheduled For Later Today On DCPS Budget

With a number of schools in the district facing major budget cuts, D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray is holding a public hearing today to give students, parents, teachers and others a chance offer their input in the process.

Demand For Public Assistance Grows In Arlington

Arlington County, Va., is known as a wealthy community. But 10 percent of the county is on public assistance -- and the needs are growing every day.

The Sinking Islands Of The Chesapeake: Poplar Island

The Chesapeake Bay area has some of the highest rates of sea-level rise on the East Coast due to a combination of rising sea and sinking ground. At least three islands in the Chesapeake Bay have completely disappeared, and many more are on their way out. But at least one is actually making a comeback: Poplar Island, Md.

Consider This With Fred Fiske: The Use Of Closed-Circuit Cameras

Fiske supports the use cameras for fighting crime and protecting the public, even if it means getting a ticket with a picture of his car running a red light in the mail.

Maryland State Workers Rally Over Health Care, Pensions

Thousands of state workers are marching on the Maryland State House for a rally they're calling "Enough is Enough: Keep the Promise." They're protesting plans that include raising their health care costs by 10 percent and making them wait longer before they can qualify for retirement benefits.

Bill For Federal Subway Standards Sponsored By Local Senators

Some lawmakers from Maryland and Virginia are introducing a bill in Congress to establish federal standards for subway systems, including D.C.'s Metro. This isn't the first time such a bill has been considered.

Festival Organizers Request Support For Relief Efforts In Japan

Organizers of Washington's National Cherry Blossom Festival are urging people to donate to the American Red Cross for earthquake relief efforts in Japan.

Virginia Education Leaders Weigh In On No Child Left Behind

President Barack Obama is urging members of Congress to get to work on rewriting the No Child Left Behind law, and some education leaders in Northern Virginia say they're biggest fear is that lawmakers won't go far enough in changing the legislation.

Report On Parks And Recreation Scandal Clears Fenty

A yearlong investigation into a contracting scandal in the District -- involving the administration of former Mayor Adrian Fenty -- has found no wrongdoing.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Maryland Gay Rights Group 'Will Continue To Fight'

A Maryland-based gay rights organization says they don't feel defeated by the House of Delegates' decision to send the same-sex marriage bill back to committee.

Fairfax Rescue Team Heads to Japan

Fairfax County's elite Urban Search and Rescue Team will help with the search and relief efforts following the quake and tsunami in Japan.

Public Invited To Remember Last Doughboy

Army Cpl. Frank Buckles, died at the age of 110 in February. People who want to pay their respects to the last American veteran of World War I will be able to do in Washington, D.C.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake In Japan Causes Tsunami In The Pacific

An 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck north of Tokyo, the largest Japanese earthquake in recorded history. It's caused massive fires throught the country, and problems at at least one nuclear power plant. Japan's chief cabinet secretary says the plant is not leaking radiation, but thousands of residents near the power plant are being evacuated.

Power Breakfast: 727 Million Barrels Of Oil In The Well

727 million barrels of oil in the well. 727 million barrels of oil. Take one down, pass it around - 726 million barrels of oil in the well...