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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Arlington, Alexandria At A Stalemate On Streetcars

Leaders in Arlington and Alexandria may be on track for a conflict involving a new transit corridor.

Dynamic Tolling Coming To Virginia Express Lanes

Virginia's 495 Express Lanes will implement a relatively new dynamic tolling system set to open late this year.

Virginia Still Without GOP Nominee For Senate

Republicans in Virginia are still undecided as to who will run against former Gov. Tim Kaine in the Senate race.

Study Says Art Boosts Academic Achievement For Disadvantaged Youth

According to a new study, arts education can have a significant impact for disadvantaged youth.

D.C. Region's 'Bike To Work Day' Set In May

After drawing more than 11,000 participants last year, 'Bike to Work Day' is making a return to the D.C. region next month.

D.C. Cabs To Install Panic Buttons To Lower Violence

A rise in physical violence by taxicab drivers has prompted city officials to have panic buttons installed in all D.C. cabs by December.

Pimlico Targets Younger Crowd For Preakness

Pimplico's Preakness aims for hipness by including musical performances and the return of Kegasus.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

D.C. Holds Events To Celebrate Emancipation Act

A series of events will be held in April to celebrate the Emaciation Act.

Maryland To Protect Social Networking Passwords

A bill to ban employers from asking for potential employees' social networking passwords is on its way to O'Malley's desk.

Tickets In Maryland, Kansas, Illinois Share Mega Millions

Tickets in Maryland, Kansas and Illinois will split the winning $640 million prize.

National Cathedral To Participate In Earth Hour

The National Cathedral and Baltimore Aquarium are going dark at 8:30 p.m. in honor of Earth Hour.

'Rebound Rumble': The March Madness Of Science Competitions

High school students from D.C. were taking part in the science students' version of March Madness: a robotics competition called the "Rebound Rumble."

Friday, March 30, 2012

Wind Power Expansion Passes Maryland House

At the urging of Maryland governor Martin O'Malley, an expansion of wind power has passed Maryland's House of Delegates over the objections of Republicans who say they worry about its cost.

Virginia Residents Urged To Check Quake Coverage

Many residents of Virginia were caught flat-footed by the 5.8 magnitude earthquake last August, so regulators are uging homeowners to check to see if their insurance coverage prepares them for future tremors.

Analysis: D.C.'s At-large Council Primary, Dulles Rail Fight Continues

Washington Post's Bob McCartney talks about the biggest races in the upcoming D.C. and Maryland primaries, as well as the latest on the fight over Metro's Silver line -- the Metro line that's supposed to stretch out to Dulles Airport.