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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Expired D.C. Tags Could Now Prompt Impounding

After eliminating the policy of arresting drivers whose cars have expired license plates, the District government is now trying to figure out whether impounding the cars is a viable option. 

Local Lawmakers Tell Teens: 'It Gets Better'

Maryland lawmakers are lending their voices to the 'It Gets Better' Project, which seeks to encourage LGBT teenagers who are the victims of bullying.

Cafeteria Leftovers Now Offered To Food Banks

It seems like a commonsense policy, but it took the intervention of a Virginia congressman to allow schools to donate their leftovers to areas food banks.

New Speed Cameras At 9 Locations In D.C.

Their eyes are watching you (for speeding) at nine new locations in the District, thanks to a bunch of new speed cameras being installed. 

Zebras Take To The Streets In Leesburg, Va.

Leesburg residents were treated to a rare sight on Monday -- two escaped zebras roaming the streets like they owned the place. 

MoCo Buses Could Soon Carry Traffic Cameras

A bill has been introduced in Montgomery County that could put cameras on school buses, aimed at snagging the license plates of those who attempt to pass illegally.

Fourth Wheaton Carjacking Under Investigation

Two people were carjacked this morning at the Burger King on Veirs Mill Road in Wheaton, making it the fourth carjacking in the area in the past week. Police are not certain at this point whether the latest incident is related to the earlier three.

Opponents Of Alexandria Waterfront Threaten Lawsuit

A group of Alexandria residents say they are prepared to sue the city if the City Council votes in favor of a proposed waterfront redevelopment plan early next year. 

Wells Calls For More Drastic Ethics Reforms

As the D.C. Council zeroes in on revamping the city's ethics laws, one issue in particular has remained in the spotlight: the so-called "constituent services funds."

One Family's Choice To Go TV-Free

Many children now spend far more time watching TV than reading, something that commentator Bonnie Auslander wasn't happy to see happening in her own home. Now, at her home, the trend is going in the other direction.

Deer Wasting A Concern For Virginia

The Virginia Department of Game and Fisheries is asking for help from the state's hunters in trying to contain the spread of a chronic neurological disease.

Monday, November 28, 2011

MPD Increases Patrols Around 'Occupy' Camps

Metro police are stepping up patrols near the Occupy DC and Stop the Machine camps in downtown D.C., citing increased petty crime and instances of public defecation.

Alleged White House Shooter To Get More Psych Tests

Prosecutors have filed a motion to perform additional psychiatric tests on alleged White House shooter Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, after initial tests found him competent to stand trial.

Virginia Gets DOT Funds For Road Repairs

The U.S. Department of Transportation is giving Virginia more than $2 million to compensate for damage to area roads and bridges suffered during Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

National Zoo's Giant Octopus Needs A Name

What's in a name? The National Zoo is soliciting suggestions from younger area residents for their new giant octopus, which is not quite giant just yet.