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Friday, March 30, 2012

American Graduate: Giving Students A Second Chance

In the final part of our American Graduate series, we visit a "second chance" school designed to help kids who've already dropped out.

On The ICC, Residents, Commuters Mull A Highway's Pros And Cons

The Intercounty Connector in Maryland is a dream for some commuters, and a nightmare for others who live near the near highway.

Scientists Fear Marsh's Disappearance

Scientists say a marsh that's home to a flourishing array of wildlife may soon disappear without fast action.

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From Stone to Bright Red Structure: A Tour of the Seneca Quarry

The historic Seneca Quarry provided the bright red sandstone for one of Washington's most famous buildings, but now it's nearly forgotten.

This Week On Metro Connection: Transformations

From the personal to the ecological to the musical,we explore transformations of all sorts on this week's show.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Duke Ellington Statue Graces Soon-To-Reopen Howard Theatre

After shutting its doors 20 years ago, the 100-year-old Howard Theatre is scheduled to reopen next month.

Cheseapeake Bay Sees 20% Drop In Underwater Grasses

Underwater grasses declined significantly in the Chesapeake Bay last year, which could pose a problem for marine life.

Documentary Portrays Tolerance Amid Segregation In Small Maryland Town

A documentary about the history of race relations in the small town of Sandy Spring, Md. demonstrates the curious mix of racial tolerance and segregation that defines the area's past.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Health Mandate: Lawmaker Reactions Split Along Partisan Lines

Area Democrats say that a Supreme Court decision to overturn the Affordable Care Act could mobilize the Democratic base at the polls this fall, while Republicans say a move would be in line with the Constitution.

D.C. Council Considers Forgoing Automatic Raises

Members of the D.C. Council are scheduled to receive $3,000 cost of living increase to their salaries this year, but many are signing waivers, saying it's not fair for them to get pay increases while other city workers do not.

O'Malley Pushes School Breakfasts To Maryland Principals

Maryland governor Martin O'Malley played host to 60 school principals from the state Wednesday morning to push a program that provides low-cost or free meals to children from low-income families.

Alexandria To Overhaul King Street Metro

The King Street metro station is about to get a bit more charming, as Alexandria has unveiled a $7 million plan to overhaul the station to make it more in keeping with the Old Town aesthetic.

Woman Admits To Illegally Injecting Customers With Silicone

A woman pleaded guilty on Wednesday to illegally injecting silicone into the posteriors of women in hotel rooms up and down the east coast, including the District of Columbia.

Ron Paul Campaigning In Maryland Wednesday Night

Maryland doesn't normally factor strongly into presidential primaries, but a contentious race had sparked renewed interest. Ron Paul, currently in fourth place, will be campaigning in Maryland Wednesday night.

Attorney Seeks $4M For 2 Virginia Tech Families

An attorney representing two families of students slain in the Virginia Tech tragedy is trying to waive a Virginia law that puts a $100,000 cap on claims of negligence against the state.