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Friday, March 2, 2012

Stress On Local Roads And Bridges

Every day, our local roads and bridges take a pounding -- and engineers are using increasingly high-tech methods to determine how much stress we're putting on our infrastructure.

American Graduate: Students Who Succeed Against The Odds

In the latest in our American Graduate series, we meet students who are defying their challenging circumstances to graduate from high school.

Parents Brace For Change In The Lives Of Their Disabled Children

Virginia is preparing to close most of its institutions serving disabled residents, which is prompting cheers from some residents and major worries for others.

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The Stress Of Life On The Streets

Through a D.C. housing program, hundreds of residents have left a life of park benches and emergency shelters for homes they can call their own.

Researchers Study the Stress Of Life In Washington

On a scale of one to ten, how much stress do you think Washingtonians are carrying?

This Week On Metro Connection: Stress

We explore stress on this week's show -- from the stress of the battlefront to the anxiety parents feel caring for a child with a major disability.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

PHOTOS: Baltimore Talent Development High School

Students at Baltimore Talent Development High School have a greater chance of success than their peers in Baltimore City's traditional public schools, thanks to a new educational model developed at Johns Hopkins University. Here's a look at what makes it work.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

O'Malley To Sign Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Gov. Martin O'Malley is expected to sign the same-sex marriage bill this evening, making Maryland the seventh state in the U.S., plus the District of Columbia, to allow same-sex unions.

Moran Reprimands Metro For 'Go To Hell Barack' Ad

Northern Virginia Rep. Jim Moran is criticizing Metro for allowing the posting of an ad telling the President to "go to hell" at the Clarendon Metro station.

Cell Phone Tracking, License Plate Readers Raise Privacy Concerns

Privacy advocates are looking for more transparency from MPD on cell phone tracking and license plate readers.

Commentary: Efforts To Boost D.C. Jobs Suffer For Lack Of Information

Unemployment rates in D.C. continue to be well above the national average. While the District government has taken strides to address this problem, they have so far been hampered by incomplete data, according to commentator Marina Streznewksi.

Sen. Democrats Oppose Amendment To Contraceptive Rule

Senate Democrats in the area are lining up in opposition to an amendment to the controversial contraceptive bill that would led businesses to exclude certain coverage based on religious belief.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Loudoun County Mulls Financial Plan

The Loudoun County board is inviting interested citizens to watch a webcast of its meeting on the proposed budget for the next fiscal year.

Federal Workers Rally To Protest Cuts

Federal workers took to the U.S. Capitol today, not in the exercise of their normal jobs, but in protest of the Republicans' push for cuts in the federal workforce.

Partisan Gridlock Clouds Virginia Budget

Lawmakers in Virginia are at an impasse after the state senate remained split along partisan lines over the passage of a budget for the next fiscal year.