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Monday, April 23, 2012

More Traffic Cameras Slated For Montgomery County

Traffic cameras — of both the speed and red light variety — will become more prolific in Montgomery County after netting the government over $10 million last year in infractions.

Metro Bus Driver Contracts Viral Meningitis

Frequent Metro bus riders in Northwest D.C. may want to pay special attention to their health this week, after WMATA reported that a bus operator suffered from viral meningitis when driving a bus on Friday morning.

Head Of Coast Guard Treated For Prostate Cancer

The head of the Coast Guard is undergoing surgery for prostate cancer at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

Washington And Lee Reforming The Law School Experience

For such an expensive undertaking, traditional law schools offer students little in the way of practical education. It's something that Washington & Lee University is looking to change.

VRE Board Approves Rate Increase

The 16,000 riders that take the VRE to work every day may find their wallets slightly light this summer, as the board has approved a 3 percent fare increase.

Analysis: U.S. Senate Faces Postal Service Overhaul Bill

CQ Roll Call Daily Briefing editor David Hawkings provides an analysis on the U.S. Postal Service overhaul bill that Congress is scheduled to take up this week. If lawmakers fail to make a decision on the bill, the Postal Service could run out of money by mid-May.

Heavy Traffic After Fatal Beltway Crash

A fatal car crash on Connecticut Avenue and 1-495 this morning is causing major delays on the Beltway.

Rosslyn Residents Balk At Plan To Remove Skywalk Escalators

Plans to remove some escalators from the Rosslyn Metro station have some residents concerned. 

Civil Rights Leader Arrested For Marijuana In Maryland

A Maryland civil rights leader was arrested this weekend and charged with possession of marijuana.

Thompson Firm Holds $6.3 Million Virgin Islands Contract

The accounting firm of Jeffrey Thompson, the big-time D.C. political donor now under federal investigation, holds a contract with the U.S. Virgin Islands worth more than $6.3 million. Records show Thompson raised significant campaign contributions for a member of Congress from the U.S. territory.

Art Beat With Sean Rameswaram, April 23

Blue Eyes, classic homes, and portraits of Quietude.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Republicans Reaching Out To Hispanic Voters

The Republican National Committee is placing more attention on winning Hispanic votes in Virginia this year.

Computer Simulation Forecasts Chesapeake Bay's Future

A new computer simulation will help scientists determine how human behavior and climate will impact the Chesapeake Bay.

Arlington Seeks To Expand Energy Performance Labels

Arlington leaders are launching a new program to label how much energy is consumed in county buildings.

Colobus Monkey Born At Maryland Zoo

The Maryland Zoo is welcoming a new black and white colobus monkey to their family.