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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Report: Petworth Assault Suspect Related To NFL's Davis Brothers

The MPD has arrested a suspect in an attack that occurred last night in Northwest D.C., believed to be linked to several others in the same neighborhood over the past few days. Reports indicate the suspect is related to a pair of NFL players from the area.

VIDEO: Montgomery County Police Simulate Pedestrian Collisions

Eleven people were killed in accidents between cars and pedestrians in Montgomery County last year. While they urge pedestrian safety, police ran exercises Thursday to improve their ability to investigate such incidents.

Staffer Implicated In Unemployment Fraud Still Works For Council

Investigations into the unemployment fraud scheme show that five current and former D.C. Council employees have been implicated, including a current part-time staffer for Muriel Bowser who is still drawing a paycheck.

Metro Board Approves Fare Hikes

In an attempt to close a $100 million budget gap, the Metro board has approved fare increases for buses, rail and parking across the board.

John Thompson Jr. Dismisses Racist Reactions To Joel Ward Goal

Many were staggered by the racist responses to the game-winning goal scored by the Capitals' Joel Ward Wednesday night. John Thompson Jr., the first African-American coach to win the NCAA men's championship, spoke to Kojo Nnamdi, dismissing such comments.

National Cathedral Gargoyle Tours Resume

For the first time since last August's 5.8-magnitude earthquake rattled the stonework at the Washington National Cathedral, people will be able to tour the building's famous gargoyles.

D.C. Area Fails In Air Quality Report

The D.C. Metro area received a failing grade for air quality, according to the American Lung Association's "State of the Air" report.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Community Renews Commitment To Nearly Forgotten Island

Washingtonians are using bluegrass to bring attention to Kingman Island, a nearly-forgotten park in the middle of the Anacostia River.

D.C. Gigs: The Bonsai Curator

In this month's edition of D.C. Gigs, we meet the man tasked with caring for the extensive bonsai tree collection at the National Arboretum.

A Father-Son Acting Team Commit To The Stage

Dr. Ross Fletcher and his son, Jim, are a rarity in the theater world: a father-son acting team committed to their work in the marathon off-Broadway show, GATZ.

Going Inside The World Of 'Crossfit'

We go inside the District's latest exercise craze to see whether it's just another fad, or the holy grail of fitness.

From A To B: New Potomac River Bridge Talks Continue

There's renewed talk of the need for another bridge across the Potomac River, but history suggests those talks rarely bear fruit.

Negro League Player Remembers A Life With America's Favorite Pastime

We meet a former Negro League baseball player with a lifelong commitment to America's Favorite Pastime.

Snakehead Appears On Local Bride's Menu

Would you like the chicken, the beef...or the snakehead? We find out why one bride has an invasive species on her wedding menu.

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New D.C. Restaurants Nix The Reservations

We find out why so many restaurants seem to be committing to being "fully committed" all the time.